My man’s body odor is making me not want to be close, I’ve talked about it and he won’t change…

Talking hasn’t helped than not being intimate is my suggestion.   We all have had moments when you’re not as fresh as you would like. However there’s a line of having a smelly moment and just being funky.

I know for me personally body odor is a big turn off.   There’s no reason for grown people to be that offensive.  Now there are things like medical issues that could be going on. Also if he’s experiencing depression that could trigger issues as well.  Either way you can’t make him wash and if you talked about it he knows he has an issue.   One thing growing up my mom would always tell me you can smell yourself before someone else does. 

You are the person who would be the most intimate so I would get the message across that if he wants to be intimate then he needs to handle his cleaning techniques, manscape,  change soaps or deodorants, etc.   Whatever it takes to be smell pleasant is where he needs to be.  

Anything less would be leaving him sexually frustrated until he literally took matters in his own hands.


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