Attachment game…what she said

Well ladies it’s our time.  We have found a cutie that we like.  We spent a few hours on the phone and a few awesome dates and we are feeling like he could be the one.  What do you do?

Communicate and ask the right questions.   It’s not hey do you want to be in a relationship?! No, it’s do you want to be an exclusive relationship with me.  I know that many think that you are asking good questions but men have a way of dodging questions if you don’t take the direct approach.  Trust me on this.

Is the new man you’re thinking about a good man to begin with?  Not all men are a good fit for you.  So this is really an audition to see if they deserve to be in your company.  Does the man honor you? Yes does his actions honor you. Lip service means nothing at all.  What he says he will do and his follow up game looks like is super important.  That’s important for you to go to the next level in dating with someone you can trust with his actions and your heart.

Have you gotten to the point where you can freely share with your new partner the intimate things about you?  You may have not shared it all yet but if you’re uncomfortable sharing small things then big things won’t get any better either.


Do you have fun?  Yes if the conversation isn’t any good how will you maintain?  If you can’t have fun and enjoy your time then what is the point?  Don’t settle just because he’s super into you and you don’t feel the same way.  If it’s stale now it will be stale later.  Why even waste your time dating yourself.

The point is you want to be able to be yourself around the new man.  You want to be able to enjoy his presence and he yours.  You want to be able to feel comfortable in your skin around him and if there are any red flags stop now.  You won’t change him.  You can’t love him into doing right. You must take heed to life’s little pitstops!!


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