What I learned this year of blogging

One of the first things I learned is that everyone is dealing with things.  A lot of people don’t have someone to outsource to that they can speak their truth without feeling like they are being judged.  That’s where the Ask Toi was birthed.  We all have friends but even in the midst of friends we may not all feel like we can truly be authentic about everything all the time.

The next biggest thing about me is I have more patience than I thought.  I didn’t want to take this blog on and not commit to it.  So I’m intentional with every post. I’m intentional with every blog.  I love to write and get my point across and it hasn’t been stale for me.  I have never had to force an article that I have written. My thoughts are if it doesn’t come from a sincere place than its not worth writing about.

Probably the most profound thing is that I’m doing what I love.  Let me encourage someone who wants to step up and do anything postive, everything you love will be tested.  Like my mom always says new level, new devil.  It’s the truth.  I’ve had friends and family make negative and derogatory comments.  I was in shock at first now it’s like water.  I’m human.  I get mad angry, I cry, etc.  None of that knocks me out the park to blog.  Conflict doesn’t knock me out the park to blog.  Fortunately I’m not the type who has ever needed someone to hold my hand for everything so I just continue to press towards a better me and continue to deliver on ToiTime.  Nothing will stop me from pressing forward. 

I get flack because my blog isn’t filled with enough drama.  My answer to that is simple life has enough drama of itself.  There are plenty of bloggers that cover entertainment, gossip etc. I don’t need to cover that.  This blog is for the everyday person who is simply trying to improve themselves and make a better life for those around them.  So I appreciate every read, every like, every comment.  ToiTime has reached over 10 countries outside of the United states.  That’s huge to me.  Someone who cares about my little writing in Russia is amazing.  So thank you for the international love as well.  Some of these countries I have never traveled to but ToiTime surely can.  Again thank you and let’s continue to grow together. 



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