Ladies it’s Almost Thanksgiving and that means a possible date….

Okay so you may have been putting in work with a cutie that you met either online, through a friend, or in public and now the dreaded holiday run is here.  You asked or he asked and now it’s time to polish your heels and take him to dinner, Thanksgiving dinner at that.

So it goes without saying, know your status.  Yes you would be surprised on how many women think that their dinner date is more than they are.  We stress in making sure that your family and friends don’t read too much into it but we too can do the same. If you’re in the early stages of dating and aren’t exclusive don’t blow it by planning your wedding in your mind and treating it as a prelude to the big day. 

Women can see what we want sometimes before the men but don’t let your dream life affect your real life.  Pump your brakes.  He is coming to eat use this as a time to research him more.  You already know that your mom, sister, grandma, aunts and your best friend is checking him out and you should be doing the same.

Does he get along with your wild crew? Is he smiling and engaging?  How did he dress for the day? Is he able to do the matrix with your mom’s when are you getting married questions and still be courteous?  These are the things you should be focused on.  Even if you’re not an item yet you want to see how he handles himself.  If he’s elected to take you to his family or friends home for the big day you have some work to do too.

One you need to be aware of those around you.  They are taking notes.  Be calm, smile, and answer questions.  Yes you know there will be questions.  Make sure you are yourself.  If someone isn’t going to like you let them at least see you and not your representative.  Laugh and enjoy your time.  Eat what you like and don’t do too much of the cute eating either.  Don’t be hungry trying to impress folks at all.  Eat.  However if there’s something that is his mom’s favorite and you’re not a fan, taste a small amount.  Smile and be courteous.

Oh and since we on the whole eating, take a cue from his family.  In my family we allow you for the first time to eat first but everyone is on their own.  I’m not obligated to make plates etc.  My mom usually will do just to show she’s being hospitable.  I would ask him prior to if he has the type of friends or family where they would be giving side eyes if you don’t make his plate. My thoughts if you’re sitting at a table then passing food wouldn’t require it, but that’s just me.

Whatever the situation is, just have fun with the day.  Also find out if the home you’re going to drinks alcohol.  If so ask your date if a certain wine or drink would be appreciated.   Don’t just show up with a drink.  Hostess gifts are always a nice gesture.  Be creative.  Use Pintrest.  They have so many out of the box options for hostess gifts.  Never leave home without it. 



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