Thanksgiving Day Dinner Stories

Not all Thanksgiving dinners are like the TV shows would suggest where you sit, eat, drink, and watch football peacefully.  Some families come with drama filled dinners.  Here are some of their stories in my Law and Order voice!!

So all of these stories have been submitted by readers of ToiTime and as always I have concealed their identities.

Dating a few months:

I went to my new boyfriends’ mom house for dinner.  As we are all about to come together to pray, a knock at the door came.  To all of our surprise it was my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.  All of us started shouting asking why she was there and his mom attempted to leave the room.  The ex had gotten a call from his mom who was trying to hook them back up. My boyfriend and I left after she refused to go on her own.

Dating over a year:

We decided to host dinner at our new place.  It was small but we just wanted to welcome our family over.  We asked that no one would bring anyone extra due to limited seating.  I’m guessing my boyfriend’s sister didn’t get the memo as she brought her 3 other friends over too.  Well I wasn’t prepared for the extra guests.  My boyfriend proceeds to ask the sister to ask her guests to leave or she could leave too when the sister passes out.  Needless to say everyone on his side left to take her to the hospital and that’s when I found out she faked the passing out just to ruin my dinner.

New boo:

We had just made it official after only a few weeks dating.  I got all dressed up to impress my man’s family.  When I got there everyone was in sweats.  My new man didn’t tell me that his family’s tradition was sweats and sneakers as they all play football after dinner.  I ended up having to go to Target to get new clothes.  I was embarrassed and mad he didn’t tell me what to expect.  Now his mom calls me Beyonce every time she sees me.

Married and first Thanksgiving:

We decided to go to both sides of the family’s houses for dinner.  Well we went to my mom’s house and all was well.  When we got to my husband’s family house that’s when things went left.  As we walked in food was being thrown. I got hit in the face with mashed potatoes.  Apparently his cousin’s baby dad’s girlfriend showed up and we had just walked into it.  Well we turned around and left.  I was so mad and my dress was ruined.


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