Thanksgiving Dinner Stories Part 2 from the Men


I had been dating this girl for only a few months and I invited her to my mom’s house.  I wanted to show her that I was ready to take the relationship to the next level.  She asked me if she should bring something and I told her no.  She brought a pound cake that she stated she made.  When it was time to cut it there was mold in the middle.  I was embarrassed.  She actually bought it from a discount store.  Needtheless to say I didn’t pursue her anymore after that.

Married for a few a years:

So when me and my wife first got together my mom and her didn’t get along.  We had been trying to split holidays for awhile when we decided to host both families at our home.  Well it may be the last time we do that.  My mother came over with her pots and her own food to cook.  When I asked her to just sit and that we would take care of it she made a scene.  Well in true fashion of my mom it got so bad I had to take her home.  Well she decided to break my wife’s wedding China in our cabinet. My wife was livid.  It’s been a few years since then and in addition to that we haven’t had my mom back over either. 


We decided to go to her mom’s house one year before we married.  My fiancé wanted to also make time for us to go to my family’s house. However at her mom’s house her dad and I had been in the man cave.  Her mom and dad had gotten into an argument earlier that day.  We were having a few drinks and next thing we were out sleep on the couch.  My fiancé and her mom was so mad since they couldn’t wake us.  They ended up eating together and we never made it to my family’s house.


So I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t have a Thanksgiving date so I asked a good friend of mine to come with me to my mom’s house.  She agreed as long as I didn’t act as if we were a couple.  I agreed.  We got to my mom’s and things were fine until my cousin came over.  I was sitting with my date when he came in.  She got quiet and tried to tell me that she and my cousin had been talking.  He told her he was working and that’s why he didn’t bring her to my mom’s house.  He came with his ex girlfriend.  I couldn’t get mad cause she had never gone to any family function with me to know who my cousin was.  It just sucked for her because she was mad my cousin lied to her.  The rest of dinner was awkward to say the least.


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