When is it time to throw in the towel?

Ladies you are irritated.  The man you have been with for months or even years will not line up. You have talked to him, tried to be nice and nothing works. He doesn’t do what he says he will, he isn’t the same man you met, and you’re just tired of giving relationship CPR.  So what do you do and how?

Depending on the issue you have to communicate.  I know I know you have tried but I mean the type of communication that isn’t about nagging.  Yes to men there’s a difference.  As a woman you should be able to say what the issue is and wait for it, yes give suggestions on how to fix it or at least what fixing it will look like.  No man is a mind reader.  You have to be willing to put your “he should know better” to the side.  He doesn’t and most times he wont. 

So you need to step it up and talk about it.  Not yell and unless you dating a child and I’m hoping you’re not you should be able to speak about it once.  Your man is not a child.  What?  Yes it’s not your job to police him.  So if you talk and he’s not listening and you have tried it may be time to turn him loose. 

So you have reached the end of the rope now what?  You need to be honest.  There’s no need to beat around the bush.  However keep it classy.  There’s no need to hit below the belt. Just stick to the issue and end the relationship.  Now if you find yourself on the other end where someone is telling you that they want to end it with you then follow the following steps:

1. Never beg a man to stay.  If he wants to go whether or not his issues or valid or not never beg.  Let him go.  Holding on to someone who wants to go is counterproductive to your own personal growth

2. Be classy.  I touched on this earlier but it’s true. So many hurt people feel the need to let the world know they are hurt.  Stay off social media.  No need to tell others how much he hurt you.

3. You will survive.  That’s important even if you aren’t the type that always has a man in your life.  He wasn’t the one for you and the right one has the opportunity to connect with you now.


If you find yourself wanting to work things out with your man, just be clear to yourself and him.  Don’t do it just because you don’t want to be alone.  And the biggest thing if you find yourself having the same conversation over and over again, accept that he might not be that into you.  Gasp.  What a man says and what he does speaks volumes.  Watch his actions and then proceed.


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