Thanksgiving date blunders…

So if you have been following you know that I have been posting people’s personal stories of thanksgiving date blunders.  We all have had them right?  I will be revealing my own personal Thanksgiving date blunder as well.

Dating for a few months:

We decided to forego the whole going to each other family’s homes.  I thought it was best we make our own memories.  So after all the family homes had been visited I set a little mood lighting and some wine and dessert.  Now I’ve been known to be a great baker however with all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the holiday I elected to buy a dessert.  After my new man showed up I was excited because everything was turning out the way I imagined until….

I had purchased a carrot cake and decided to make a chocolate sauce all over it.  We talked about each other’s day and then I blind folded him to feed him the cake.  He all of a sudden began choking.  I had to call an ambulance.   Here I had him mixed up with an ex boyfriend and he was allergic to carrots.  Needless to say after an over night stay in the hospital, we broke up.


So we decided to host a Friendsgiving since both of our families were in several states away.  We had everything ready and set to go.  Well one couple came and we all knew they were having marital issues.  During the grace we asked everyone to say what they were grateful for and the husband of our friend asked his wife of 10 years for a divorce and had the papers on the table.  She actually said yes, signed it and made a call.  Here she called her boyfriend of whom she had been seeing to come and get her. It was the most awkward dinner I had ever experienced.

Without further a due, here is my embarrassing date blunder.  I had been dating a man named J for quite some time.  I wasn’t ready for him to come to my parents home just yet.  However he invited me to his and I thought this had to be a great sign.  I left my parents home and went to his apartment.  He invited his sister, mom, son, and myself. He cooked all the food except the stuffing.  Since I had eaten already I decided to only eat a little portion of food.  The first thing I went for was the stuffing.  His sister had it soaked in chicken broth for quite some time.  Maybe some others do the same but that’s all she did.  No cooking it or baking it in the oven just broth and stuffing mix. Well if you know anything about me I can’t stand wet bread.  Wet bread is pancakes, french toast, etc.  Well I had eaten some stuffing at my parents home and did fine so this stuffing should be okay right? Wrong.  As I ate it I noticed it was soggy and just stopped.  I was getting sick every time I thought about how it felt in my mouth.  Well I started to feel my mouth-watering when I excused myself from the table.  As I was hurrying to the bathroom I threw up all over myself.  Here I was meeting my man’s (past man) family and throwing up all over the place. I couldn’t believe it.  All was well at least from an outsider’s perspective.  I was humiliated.  J never said one mean thing to me but I’ll never eat any other stuffing at anyone’s home outside of my parents’ house again.

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