Ask Toi: Thanksgiving edition

So one of my readers sent me an email at 3am.  I was sleep but I felt like if you’re sending me an email at 3 either you have an early work schedule, can’t sleep, or worried.  Either way here is the question: what do I do if drama at my in-laws takes place at Thanksgiving dinner? Simple answer is have an exit plan.

Yes being married means sharing family time.  It’s never one-sided.  You have to be around family and that doesn’t always mean everything is everything.  So if you know you’re in-laws are capable of drama you have to think of a plan ahead of time. Some drama is small meaning there will be arguments but no fighting or disrespect.  Some drama is huge where cursing and fights can happen.  Either way know your tolerance level.

Have a conversation with your mate on what you will do in certain scenarios.  Some couples even drive in separate cars so they can leave.  This though needs to be allowed for both sides of family and not just one.  Like ladies you can’t be ready to roll but side eye your husband when he’s with your family and decides to the same.  You could endure the drama filled fest with knowledge that it’s only a day.  It’s up to you and your mate.

The bottom line is regardless of any issues you have with your in laws it’s important to focus on what the day is about.   There could be a chance that your in laws may be who they are and still have issues but do your part.  Always remain respectful and courteous.  Take a deep breath, eat well, and when you’re ready to go then do that.

Have a great holiday and don’t stress it so much.


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