Celebration comes to an end

Well looks like my month long celebration has come to an end. I’ve enjoyed the interactions but this ISN’T the end.  ToiTime is going to continue to grow.  This month alone my international readers has jumped by almost 50%. 

The thing about doing what you love is that it’s never a chore.  I’ve have yet to force a blog and I don’t plan on it going forward.  Thank you for allowing me time in your hearts and minds.  For those who have engaged on my Facebook for ToiTime, thank you.  Thank you for every Ask Toi question.  It’s never easy to be vulnerable.  It’s never easy putting your business for someone to tell you their opinion.  I only hope I have continued the integrity of keeping all names and identify safe guarded. 

As December 1st looms near let’s make this journey an enjoyable one.  It’s time to let the dream wings spread a little more. 

Thank you to Demetrius of Tao of Difference for being my month long guest blogger.  From the time I read his first article I knew I had hit a writing blessing.  Remember to follow Tao of Indifference on Facebook as well as follow Demetrius @Indifferent_D.  Also lastly find all of his articles at http://www.taoofindifference.wordpress.com

Special thanks to my family and friends who have supported me.  Thank you to my international readers as well.  A million times thank you.  If I’ve forgotten anyone including the situations, people, and life challenges that made me always check myself a huge thank you too.  Pressure busts pipes and I plan on pushing past anything negative that would think to hold me back. 

Sincerely the most happiest blogger there ever was/is.




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