Giving Tuesday

Today is giving Tuesday.  I know some who say why on a Tuesday?  Why only during the holidays?  I used to say the same type of thing.  However regardless of what day it is even if people are nicer during the holidays, giving is giving. 

As much as I would like for others to do these things all year long, the truth of the matter is that people need extra love around the holidays.  It’s not just those who don’t usually have, but hard working folks too.  People are trying to make the most around this time of the year.  Giving is necessary.  So many lives can be touched from simple and large gestures.

There’s no reason to throw shade to people who are doing nice gestures.  Will some do it to be seen? Yes.  Will some do it for credit later? Yes.  The intent is only for the gifter.  The receiving party will most likely be overwhelmed with emotion of just knowing someone thought of them especially in their time of need.

Even if the holidays aren’t about gifts and they aren’t, there’s no rule against going the extra mile for another person.  It can be something small.  You can donate to your favorite charity, donate to local shelters, give someone money to pay a bill or pay the bill directly, gift some personal time for a single mom or dad, give love boxes filled with needs to local elderly who are going to be alone this holiday, the ideas are limitless.  I’m asking for everyone to do something for someone else. 

I get it.  You are struggling yourself.  We all are in some form.  However we all have a place where we can give.  Donate those clothes you can’t wear anymore to a local shelter, give some food out of your pantry, or maybe a nice note to encourage someone in your neighborhood.  You don’t have to have a lot to give to brighten someone’s life.

What will you do to give today and during this season or beyond?

Here is a chart to assist you in random acts of kindness this month:



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