Well I’ve gotten many messages from the ToiTime Facebook page asking where I have been.  I’ve been sick.  I lost my voice starting on Monday.  So I needed to rest a bit and not be superwoman.

That was actually huge for me.  I had to take a step back to allow others to pitch in to do the things I would normally do. It has allowed me too some time to see things from my normal eyes as well.  One thing that I learned is things around me will still continue to thrive.  The other thing I had to come to terms with my own definition of what help looks like. It’s no secret that often times I can come off as someone who complains that things aren’t being done, but there’s a catch to that help and its called willingness.  How willing am I to accept help?  My husband would love today’s blog because this is such an issue in our home.

How many ladies especially my ladies who are moms and have a spouse or living with a significant other who says “he doesn’t help me?”  I’m quite sure a lot do.  I’m tunnel vision at times with help.  If it doesn’t match what I was expecting then I fall apart. However the issue isn’t my help but my acceptance in help in any form. 

So while I suffer with laryngitis it’s been a little gift sent down to help me put things into perspective.  I’m grateful for the rest and the unexpected lesson.  Having to let quietness be my teacher is taking a lot but it’s very helpful.  If you are having the same issue where you are having to readjust your thoughts and ideas to those around you, do so before the lesson has to be slapped into you.  Definitely no pun intended as no one had to hit me to get the lesson.  Got to make that clear don’t need any of those issues.

To my fellow already got it, don’t need help, I’m okay ladies, relax. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to accept help and the help won’t come in the same form you think so be open and let things ride and relax.



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