Ask Toi: What suggestions do you have for newlyweds during Christmas?

I don’t know if you have children or not but it’s important to understand that if you are without children you and your husband are a family unit.  Also a little side bar, wait children are a beautiful blessing that come with a lot of work.

One thing I would suggest is that you take your favorite picture of you two and place it on a personalized ornament.  One website that I like is  There you can find a lot of great deals.  Also if and when you do have children you can do one together but still do one with just the two of you.  You can see how you have grown year by year.  Also if you want you could make an ornament together as well.  You know they say how you work together on projects speaks volumes of you and your husband.  Create something as fancy or just whimsical as you would like.

Another suggestion is to have a picnic every year by the tree.  No matter how hectic life may get you can sit and reflect on the year together. There will be times when all you got is a bowl of cereal by the tree but the important thing is you and your husband are together. It’s all about making your own traditions.  Another cute thing you and your new husband can do is to create a time capsule of a few items from the both of you and make a place to store them.  That way you will have something you can open up and show the generation after you.  Or you could open one small gift together chriatmas eve.  That way when and if children come into play you will always have created a small moment of just you two together. 

A new husband and wife team can also create affirmations of what you see or want to see in your spouse.  These are positive things you can say that when times get rough you can lean on because as a newlywed times will get hard emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Make or purchase a keepsake box so you can store them. 

Also when my husband and I was newly married we bought the Wii sports game.  What a video game? Yes there’s a fencing game that we would play that when we were angry or frustrated we could get the extra tension out.  We probably missed a few game times in our first year that we definitely should have played to combat some of our heavy issues early on. 

Set up a sexy night and make it special.  Trust me your new husband will not turn that down.  Don’t do the normal stuff, bring in a nice bottle of wine if you drink or some sparkling cider too.  For my non drinkers if you want to spice it up add a little fruit and it will feel like you are doing more when you’re not. The point is just a little night outside of the norm that allows a night in with a little fun to de-stress if you know what I mean.

My last suggestion is to have a favorites night.  Whatever was one or however you want of yours and your husband’s favorites from the childhood incorporate it.  Christmas is about nostalgia, what’s more nostalgic then honoring your past. 

Lastly find a gag gift too. Nothing says love like a gag gift.  Be very creative.  Like for instance if your husband has a hot car that he really wants but your coins says that it’s not a reality for right now, gift him a small replica and a note that says maybe next year?!  If your wife would love a new house or maybe you’re saving for one, get a small house replica and say when I’m able it’s on me.  Again, you are keeping your mate in mind and being totally light and trust me that’s what it’s about.

Remember the ideas are literally what you make it. It can be as elaborate or small time as you would like.  The issue in marriage no matter if it’s your first day or almost your last day is that marriages don’t celebrate little things.  Married people only focus on birthdays and anniversaries leaving so much in between open.  Make memories together.

Have a great holiday.



4 thoughts on “Ask Toi: What suggestions do you have for newlyweds during Christmas?

  1. I agree with all this. The bottom line is to create your own traditions as a new family. Yes each of you come into the marriage with separate traditions your are accoustomed to. No you don’t have tp give them up but you and your spouse are now one. So creating new traditions & doing things together outside of your individual traditions/norms is important. Know that sometimes you will have to say know to extended family things & thats OK!

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