Favorite Christmas Moments

So I’ve been asked via my Ask Toi what are some of my favorite holiday moments and so of course I have quite a few.

Most of my moments are pretty much surrounded by my family.  Yes family means a lot to me.  Growing up I learned that family isn’t necessarily by blood but the way people invite you into their heart.  I’ve had plenty of family that don’t always treat you the way you should so my definition of family especially as an adult has dramatically changed.

As a child I remember my parents trying so hard to give us the things that we asked for.  We didn’t grow up in a home where materialistic things were pushed but they definitely made sure we had what we needed and some of the things we wanted. Every year my dad cooked breakfast for us.  He always included cinnamon rolls.  Anytime I smell them now I think of him.  I have actually done the same thing for my house just to feel some of that holiday love.

I recently visited my parents and we were talking about my dad’s fake fireplace.  It was made of paper almost like a pop up one.  So he would set it up and have candy trays, nut trays, fresh fruit and breakfast on it.  Honestly I really want to find one just to recreate that for my family.  My dad got the idea of the trays from his dad.  My granddad always made sure he had candy trays on display.  If you know him trust and believe he always made sure he had the toy lollipops and the hard candy on display.  It’s something even as an adult we know for sure he does.

Now that I have my own family it’s always about recreating things from my and my husband’s side of the family. My kids know we do lots of crafts and one of their favorites is the gingerbread house.  They just asked when we will do it and I had to remind them that we do  it the week of Christmas.  Holidays even though they are filled with gifts, they should also be about family time and memories.

Yes I can remember some of my favorite gifts like my Sega gaming system, Popples, Kid Sister, Cabbage kid, and my glow-worm.  I never knew what my parents did to make our Christmas so nice until I had to do the same.  Between bills and everything else that comes up I must tip my hats off to them. They made us smile and made us laugh during the holidays.

Make sure you take moments to really take it in.  Just like when I prep my cookie dough with the kids and they eat the chocolate chips or spill the sugar instead of getting upset I really put myself in their shoes and remember when they get older they will remember these times too.  The holidays are always a time to reflect on those who have passed on as well.  I definitely want to remember my grandfather Fred McGinnis and my great-grandfather Beverly “Slim” Sims.

I hope you enjoyed my moments now take some time to remember yours as well as create some for your family as well.



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