Ask Toi: Do I have to buy a gift for boyfriend or girlfriends of my family members?

Short answer no.  You’re not entitled to gift your family members girlfriend or boyfriend.  You can if you want to elect to gift a joint gift.  If you were planning on spending between 20-25 anyway, then you can elect to get a gift card to their favorite restaurant for that same amount.  Again, this is all up to you and not at all necessary to do. 

And I know you asked about people who have kids as well.  It’s always customary that if you have to choose to give I would give the kids and maybe make cookies for the family or give a family gift.  I was always taught once you have children your gift days are over.  My parents still give me things but if they stopped I wouldn’t be mad.  The children are the primary.  I’ve done family gifts where I’ve given a dvd, popcorn and other snacks inside of a bucket.  I decorate it really nice and give it to the whole family to have a movie night on me.  So there’s way of being creative and not spend a lot of money.  It’s up to you. Don’t be forced to do anything for anyone you don’t want or can’t afford to do.


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