Get Me Out this Funk!!

Happy day to you.  Even if you’re not feeling your absolute best.  Stress is so over whelming and it can get the best of us.  Take a moment to acknowledge it.  I think we sometimes are told not to say you are having a hard time but we are.  Acknowledge it and then figure out a plan.  Sometimes just making one call to make change is more than enough.  Sometimes just taking a small step is all the motivating we need.

I have a great job where I can help others.  I won’t put the company out there but I can help people.  I get a call from an individual once a week.  I have no new information for her but she calls weekly.  My thoughts are simple that one call that she puts out into the universe could make something happen if she channeled the same energy elsewhere.   When something isn’t working it’s time to re-route.

We all get into funks.  It’s that moment where we are too tired to continue.  It’s the moment where we give up because something hasn’t worked in our favor and we are bummed out.  Well what would happen when you pushed for a little longer?  You won’t know if you stop. Take some time to push. What’s your alternative? Sitting where you are now mad and upset?  Get up.

You know how you can tell you’re in a funk?  Look in the mirror.  Sorry I don’t have a 10 question quiz.  You don’t need one.  Look at your appearance?  Do you like what you see?  Are you representing the best you that you can be?  When you lose focus and motivation we allow ourselves to take the hit first.  I can always tell when I’m off my game.  My makeup is usually non existent, my outfits are just on, and well a smile that’s the least of my issues. 

Stop taking hits for things that don’t matter.  Who we entertain can drain us too.  Your marriage doesn’t have to be on the best of terms, your children don’t have to be on their best behavior, and that new crush doesn’t have to notice you today. The problem is we want certain things to be right before we make it right within ourself.

Let me give you a lesson I learned as a child.  My mother and my siblings and I were living in a shelter.  We were living with family at one point but it didn’t work out.  Well my mom made it a point to get us up, dressed like we had it all together, and off to our destination.  The only ones who knew we were in a shelter was those living with us too and few family members.  We weren’t faking it until we made it either.  My mom was intentional in telling us daily to keep pressing.

How could a young family living in a shelter still make sure we made an impact in this world? Simple, our mom never allowed us to let what we had or didn’t have allow us to wallow. Listen don’t get it twisted I’ve watched my mom cry during those times but I also saw her wipe her face and still make it happen.  Some folks will never know what that life is about and luckily my kids don’t have that as an issue now either.  However when adversity comes and I want to break or wallow in self pity I remember my mom’s smile in those dark times and put my lipstick on and handle it. 

Nothing in life just happens.  It’s that fighter in me that says okay it’s bad well let me do my part.  I’m intentional in making sure that I respect those around me and make sure I get the same from those around me.  My mom said people will mistreat you if you let them and its true.  Why can’t you make it happen today?  What’s your excuse?  Use it as fuel and handle it. 

No more funks.  Funks are temporary. Get up today and be intentional in your energy.  Stop letting the elements of things stop you. Fuel a better day. If you find one answer per day, trust me over time it will guide you to your destiny.  Your dark times will be lessons to help you lean on.  Just like living in a shelter let’s me know a few things:

1. People will treat you how you allow
2. Work hard and make no excuses
3. Smile on
4. It’s not hard it just looks hard you got this
5. Nothing is forever
6. Look good at all times nothing is ever what it seems

Have a great day today and be intentional



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