Year End Closings

Its that time of year.  The time of year that once all the gifts have been opened and things have been returned, folks will begin to figure out their new me rant.  Let me encourage you to always strive and I for one will not down you for having a new plan in place for 2016.

What I propose is that you take the time to have small revelations that don’t come with a countdown.  You should always be inviting new things for yourself.  You should always be finding ways to make yourself stronger.  I would suggest before you can walk in the new that you take the time to close out some things.  Everyone puts emphasis on the new but no one talks about that old junk you got.  If you’re already unmotivated talking about losing weight won’t help you.  Why its simple if looking at yourself everyday in the mirror doesn’t shake you to the gym, a few balloons and some confetti won’t either.

Its time to close a few things out.  I would close out the real reason you wont get to the gym more than worrying about getting a new membership to the gym.  Yes everyone and their mom will be at a the gym, showing off tummy teas, and have a tight waist trainer on, but focus on why after 2 months in you lose focus.  Clearly your weight didn’t just drop off of you so why didn’t you continue?  Focus on that.  Focus on why you don’t want to pursue things that concern you like finding a new job that provides enough money to fuel your passion.  Why not find a new passion but something that will literally fuel you.  If you can’t do what you claim is your passion daily than I’m going out on a limb and say you found a hobby not a passion.

Close this year out with real meaning and purpose.  Not just the typical things that we all want to focus on that we don’t really care about. If your health is bad because of a reason like weight then be motivated to do something about it.  Not just I want to look good in swim suit.  Trust me come June you will still be the same size you are now looking at your cute work out clothes on a chair.  Be intentional for once in your life.

What are your real goals and your plan to get there.  If you want to take a trip what are you doing?  Are you saving but cutting one Starbucks trip a week or two?  End 2015 by cutting off the very things that inwardly hold you back and you will accomplish the outward goals just the same.  Work on your attitude that you allow to stop your dreams.  The phrase for 2016 should be intentional.  You should ask yourself everyday when you get up what are you going to be intentional to do today.  When you go to bed you should see physically what you have done to make that a reality.  It’s time for more accountability.


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