Be Intentional

The new year is fast approaching and there will be the countless folks stating that they will be making different changes.  I’ve seen them popping all over social media.  When 2016 comes I will do this and that.  My question is what are you waiting for?  If a clock and change in time is all that will push you then trust me you are already lost.  Don’t get me wrong, when the New Year there is a sense of renewal and I’m definitely feeling it, but don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.

If you missed my blog about the new year its posted give it a read but this is for your right now.  You need to make a change right now.  I know I’m not the only one who makes changes consistently because I definitely do.  I’m very intentional about what I can do to better improve myself.  This doesn’t mean that I have arrived because I haven’t and that’s the push to become better so much greater.  So if you’re tired of something do something about it.  For instance with the holiday I love to just veg out but I felt like I was getting too comfortable in my personal life.  This morning I did something about and stepped my game up.  It’s really that simple.  Simple things turn into bigger things but the main ingredient is you-be intentional.  Today make new steps even if they are baby steps but make it happen.  Today if you want to look better than find little ways to improve yourself.  The only person that is holding you back is YOU!!





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