What to Let Go in 2016

You know there will be so many promises made starting the New Year.  I have a little list of some things we need to end and let go in 2016.


Airing Dirty Laundry Online

Nothing is worse than seeing two people in a relationship going at it on social media.  It’s a good read trust me it is but it doesn’t make for a solid foundation.  Listen I’m married and sometimes my husband irks me to no end but no need to air it online for others to want to comment, know your situation, or slide in that inbox because misery loves company.  Let the fighting come off of social media.  No need to down play the mother or the father of your kids either.  In the end of the day you laid down and had a baby with someone, rise up and handle it.  If that means going to court do so.  If that means raising a child alone, do it.  Another thing is family drama. Who’s family don’t have issues?  Mine and yours do so let’s not act like it doesn’t exist.  The world doesn’t need to know you don’t like them.

No Drive

Listen a car with no gas won’t run and neither will you.  There are moments when your drive may decrease but no drive well that’s not a good look for you at all.  I’m all for bad days we all have it but be intentional to get a plan and work your plan.  No need to say in 2016 you will get a new job but won’t sign up for one on your phone.  Long are the days when you even have to step foot into a facility so there’s no excuse.  If you want to lose some weight its hard trust me it is but if you sitting around eating food late, not attempting to make a change the weight isn’t going to just drop off.

Bashing One Another

One of my pet peeves is people who intentionally go out of their way to blast someone especially when they too once dealt with the same issue. If you can’t find a better way to address the issue then don’t.  That would be like me saying women who have children out of wedlock aren’t this and that and news flash 2 of mine were out of wedlock.  You can’t arrive at a place in your life and then go acting like you have no idea what it’s like to deal with the same issues.  If you have insight on how to make it better share your experience and then move along.  What someone eats doesn’t make you fat so if someone seems reluctant to take your advice move along.  Too many times especially amongst older men and women I see a lot of bashing the younger ladies and men.  You are supposed to be a source of support and a wealth of information.  How you speak to the ones under you matters.  I know you know your stuff but be careful in your tact. Trust me I’m applying the same concept to my own life.  Let’s be clear not agreeing isn’t the same as bashing.  Bashing is after you have a disagreement to move into personal attack for how someone feels.  It’s not necessary at all.  We all have our own positions and it’s okay.

Wasteful Relationships

I have been in some relationships longer than I should especially romantic ones.  Sometimes lessons are learned later than they should.  Be intentional in seeking out answers for your relationships and don’t feed dead ones.  We all have that one man or woman who no matter what happens we feel a sense of loyalty to the wrong things.  Also not just romantic relationships either.  You can’t change who you’re born into but you can change how you interact.  Families fight and that’s for certain but be careful in allowing familiar titles to keep you hanging around for hurt to continue.  We all have a breaking point.  You can love and take a reprieve if you need to.  I know a lot of folks that don’t think that’s good advice but trust me it is.  Even in boxing opponents have to take a break and figure out a new strategy and the same applies with relationships of all sorts.  Taking a break doesn’t mean you don’t love or don’t care it says whatever interactions we have isn’t working for me and I need to figure some things out.  People make you feel bad but its not the way it should be.  Allow those around you a break when its necessary and be okay with telling others no.


Are there other things that we need to leave behind in 2015 before going into 2016?  Of course there is.  However it’s about knowing your worth, what you want and what you will tolerate.  Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you.  With that in mind you can still hold on to your beliefs but remember they are called personal beliefs not something that needs to be applied across the board to everyone you come into contact with.





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