What a Season…

First of all happy New Year to you.  Yes it’s my first blog of the new year.  So I wanted to have my blog already pre-done for the 1st but I actually took some time to enjoy myself for once.  I usually blog several times a week and trust me I still will.  But I definitely enjoyed my me time. 

This is high season of change. New year always bring a sense of renewal and trust me not for nothing we truly all could grab a piece of that.  Take advantage of this season.  If you want to start something or like my mom would say try your hand at something new do it.  I know many people who don’t make resolutions and honestly you don’t have to just to enjoy the season.  There’s not a better time than now.

During this season understand your love/hate relationship with change will go up and down.  One day you will achieve each goal and feel unstoppable.  Then there are those other days we act as if we can’t mention where just getting out the door for work is all we have.  Do NOT beat yourself up.  I’m the one that believes that change is a daily thing.  Whatever you need to do on one day if your blessed with a new day, then make the change then.  Perfection is a daily battle.  Now that doesn’t mean let a week go by with no change.  If you do understand that you can dust yourself off and try again but know the issue is within and not anything external.

Sometimes it’s easier to blame others for why you lack in a certain area. There’s always something and somewhere you can make the difference for yourself.  Change should always be from within.  Often times it’s our mindset against the can’ts that needs adjustment.  Change your can’t to a can.  If you fail everyday trying to make it happen it’s better than just sitting there complaining about what you shoulda, woulda, coulda done.

Life is really about choices and even when we think it’s not it is.  We have daily things we should be doing to ensure our success.  Remember to not define your success by others.  What I believe is success varies from you and vice versa.  So what are you doing in this season of change?  Are you being intentional about your goals? Will you allow a bad or slow day delay you?  Make your changes but don’t harp too harshly if you miss the mark.  Try again.  As we embark in this season of change I will tell you about some of my own and the journey to them as well. 

Happy New Year!!



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