National I’m Not Going to Take It!!

Today is national I’m not going to take it anymore day.  Yes if you follow me on my social media pages, I love days.  I love celebrations small or large.  Now today we get to all celebrate what we won’t take anymore.

Let me be clear as much as most of us have a set list of things we won’t accept or take from others let’s flip this and look inwardly.  We all talk about disrespect, hurt, etc from others but the reality is if you are allowing certain actions to be taken by you towards you-don’t point outwardly point the finger to you.  Yes it begins with us.  We are responsible for how we allow others to treat us.  So if you have a man in your life that does disrespectful stuff to you, it’s completely wrong however if you keep allowing him back it’s on you.  I know its not the blog you wanted to hear. Not all days are always about fun and games.  Some days we need to take responsibility for us.

What are you tired of today and not going to take?  Now take that list and find ways you can make yourself responsible and make the change.  Its like having your phone ring and not answering it.  You can’t stop folks from calling but you don’t have to answer it.  Some things are in your hand and power to control and there’s not much someone can do if you’re willing to accept it.  Some times we need to call a spade a spade and not sugar coat it.  You like the attention, the drama, the negativity.  When you don’t guess what happens, come hell or high water you make the necessary changes to stop it.  It may not be simple, it may cause a few back slides but overall you can stop it.  So what do you need to stop within you? Make a conscience decision to do so.  Even if it hurts or feels uncomfortable to do so-do it.  The most uncomfortable thing is stopping a bad habit but when you do, it’s a great feeling.



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