Why wait?

How many of us have ever had our heart broken?  Probably most of us.  Think about that time or if you’re experiencing that now you know it can be one of the worst things to go through.  One of two things happens, one is you get really depressed or you then decide let me get my “mojo” together.  I think breakups or any other situation that feels like it’s pulling the things we don’t need in our life can be overwhelming. 

Why wait?  Why wait for you to realize your worth to then treat yourself better?  I know plenty who will lose revenge weight.  Revenge weight is when you look good so when you run into that ex boo you are you’re most fierce self.  This can’t be the only time when you step your game up?

Take care of yourself in your relationship all the time.  Don’t get too comfortable.  Don’t take yourself or your mate for granted. Listen I’ve ridden and still ride the waves of my relationship.  However the one thing that needs to stay the same is how I value myself.  You need to do the same.  Oh just in case you didn’t know too, it’s healthy to also have separate activities and interests.  Yes you can be one, in love, and all that sweet stuff but do things apart.  It will not kill your oneness.  You don’t have to be velcro. 

Here are my tips for keeping the “mojo” in and outside of a relationship:

1. Set goals

If you have no vision for yourself and aren’t the type to keep your word with yourself how can you expect different from someone else?  Be true to you and follow through.  When you do you set the tone that a mate or potential mate will do the same.

2. You attract what you put out

Yes it may have a different package but if you want loyalty then you need to be loyal.  You want someone to be fiscally responsible but won’t pull a credit report and get your money in order.  Want better for yourself align the areas that you value so much to attract the same back to you.  You say you want a man or woman who loves God but don’t have a relationship, commune, or pray? Oh wait we thought we could order a man or woman like a value menu at your local chain restaurant?  It doesn’t work that way.

3. Keep that physical up

I’ve heard people say that you should keep it right and tight so you’re mate won’t stray.  There are beautiful folks getting cheated on everyday.  A pretty face guarantees nothing.  Someone who loves themselves enough to keep themselves up for them is more attractive.  When you care you will watch what you eat, how you look inside and outside, and you will keep your mind sharp too. 

4. Balance

My favorite wordd.  Balance doesn’t always mean perfection but it will show a great care to put life in general in perspective.  You will have moments where you will feel like you have failed yourself let alone someone else.  You have to keep striving to be better.  If you’re not setting new goals daily then what’s the point?  We are all a work in progress but in order to progress, you must work smarter not harder. 



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