Life Suckers

Be aware of those who push on your energy.  You know the ones that you are around whether it’s work, school, home, etc. that always got issues, can’t seem to muster up a smile, you feel like you have to do backflips to please-these are a special kind of breed and we call them life suckers.

Life suckers are a miserable batch of folks.  They never can seem to get life together.  Now don’t confuse them with drama folks or even folks who seem to always have life throw at them often. Life happens for us all. Life suckers are the ones where life is just normal, no immediate danger is coming nigh them and yet in still they have to drain others around them with their negativity.  You can’t escape them, you really can’t.  No matter what. You can change your circle and you will encounter one at least once in your lifetime.  It’s not even in how you move that determines if you will attract them, you can be minding your business and experience a life sucker.

Here is my list of how to remove yourself from a life sucker:

  1. Know who they are-you cant move away or shield yourself what you don’t know exist.
  2. Be happy-miserable folks don’t like it but it will weed them out for you
  3. Don’t give into the mood changes that life suckers present.  Trust me they are so imbalanced it will make you question yourself if you’re not careful.
  4. Find your happy spot.  Sometimes you can’t get away due to the environment you may be in so find anything, a quote, a song, a picture anything that can help you to distract against the negativity.

The trick is to understand when you encounter a life sucker, do not take it personal.  Do not think for a few seconds that you have to do acrobatics or side tricks to get a life sucker to smile or make them comfortable around you. You can be the happiest person in the universe and that alone will send a life sucker to be even more enraged, unhappier, and just an all around miserable person.  Be aware and guard yourself.  Often times when you leave a life sucker you find yourself in a funky mood when nothing is wrong.  When you notice this exchange of energy, adjust yourself.




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