Cocoa Mommy: How to Make Time for Yourself

The day-to-day rigors of being a full-time working mom does take a toll on me both physically and mentally.    There is a lot of juggling of schedules, organizing our household, school and work requirements.

My workday start at 5:30.    I take about 15 minutes to mentally prepare for the day and week ahead.    This helps tremendously.

My workday ends at 5:00 PM and I am home within an hour.  If necessary I will take about 15-20 minutes in my room to decompress before our evening routine begins.

For single moms who are fortunate to have scheduled weekends or scheduled weekdays, I secretly envy YOU!     ME time is invaluable and well deserved.   I am so over having anyone else understand what is needed for my physical and mental well-being.   In 2016, guess what?  I am adamant about taking time for myself.

The absolute key for taking ME time is do not PLAN it but SCHEDULE  ON YOUR CALENDAR!


 “Taking Care of You Must Be A Priority”



  1. Schedule ME time monthly to include any and all things that mean PAMPER.  If you’re like me I love pampering myself with manicure, pedicures and massages.
  2. Hiring a local babysitter to treat myself to the things I love!  I’m trying CARE.COM for the first time.
  3. Take time to DECOMPRESS in the morning and evening.  Get up earlier than everyone else in the morning.   Close the door in the evening for a few moments of time to decompress.
  4. Make FITNESS and HEALTHY EATING a part of my lifestyle not just an option. It only takes at 2- 3 days of physical activity to recharge the body.   DO IT!
  5. UNPLUG from distractions on a daily basis.   I have made it point to remove myself from social media before bedtime.
  6. Get MORE SLEEP each night.  I have SET a bedtime at 10:00 each night!
  7. SHOWER myself with the things I LOVE.  I have learned to enjoy what I love and treat MYSELF with no GUILT.

“No Mommy Guilt For Taking Care of You”


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