I Got Your Back

Welcome to another manic Monday.  Well if you have the day off today in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. day I pray you take the time to do something for someone else.  Pay it forward.  Let me just say that today’s blog is for our moms.  A mom wears many hats and has many things pulling on her not just little hands.

If you know a great mom keep them in mind.  Let me tell you what happened to me the other day.  So I was doing my normal commute home.  As I got to the daycare to get my youngest two children I saw a woman with a screaming toddler.  I have no clue what that toddler was crying about, but since I have a toddler the list can be long.  The busy mom was trying to get the toddler into her van, but like most this little person wasn’t having it.  As she finally and literally scraped her toddler into the car she shut the door and stood outside her van for a few minutes.  I saw her, smiled, gave her a head nod and we had a moment.  I understood as the toddler was screaming even louder in the parked van.  I understood that she needed a few minutes to compose herself before having to re-enter that van and calm that child down.  As she drove off, she beeped the horn and I understood it.  I then turned around took a deep breath and entered the daycare to get my screaming toddler.  For that moment I was encouraged by another mom who was going through the same thing.

Let’s face it, life is hard.  Life as a mom can be a challenge.  In this world where we post and judge, its nice to look at things from a different perspective.  We don’t always as moms do things the same way.  We all bring in our own ways of parenting.  As long as children aren’t being abused or harmed, end of day we all share the same struggle. We are all trying to raise good citizens that will grow up and not be brats, or worst yet end up in jail.  The road to parenting doesn’t have to always be so harsh.  I thought about on my ride home while my toddler took her shoes and socks off, how when I became a mom everyone was telling me what to do, and how to do.  The first year is always the craziest.  The one thing I took from the experience was to relax and that parenting isn’t a perfect science.  So for my single moms, stay at home moms, working moms, moms in the military, moms of all kinds be encouraged.  Next time you see a mom and she looks stressed, just give a head nod.  Trust me no matter what color, religious beliefs, etc. we are all united by the children we bare.  Be encouraged!!



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