2016 Goal: Self Awareness

I told you I would keep you updated with my goals and little by little I have.  Today’s update is about self awareness.  Often times for me I’m so busy running around that I don’t focus on my own personal needs, this is another goal for me to accomplish.

The steps I have taken is very easy.  I take about 15 minutes to not blog, no social media updates, no talking to others around me and really just breath in the very essence of myself.  I try to do it at night so I can reflect on what I have accomplished.  As busy as I am and as many to-do list that I create, lets be honest I rarely complete them all.  Instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, I focus on what I have accomplished.

I also start my day with prayer. My best friend was telling me about her challenge for herself so I decided to implement the same for myself.  It doesn’t have to be some long drawn out thing but it does have to be intentional.  I also included my family in our prayer time before we walk out the door.  We do it daily no matter if someone is running late, etc we make it a priority.  Now for some of my readers you may call it reflection, at this point the name you call it is between you but set some time apart to renew your mind and focus yourself.

One other way I’m aware of my self awareness is in my interactions with others.  I used to have a habit of answering without thinking.  I take the time to think before I speak. I try to make sure I’m sure of what I want to put out.  The other area of self awareness is how I respond to those around me.  For me I have taken my time with how I interact with others inside and outside of my home.  For instance as a mom its easy for me to yell but I’m more aware that my children need a calmer approach sometimes so I make it happen.  When I’m at work, I’m aware of how my co-workers are as well.  If one of them look like they don’t want to be bothered, I back up and go to my desk and play my music and do my job.  .

Here are some steps in how you can be more self-aware:

  1. Be careful who you entertain and bring into your space-good or bad communication corrupts good manners.  Be intentional in who you allow to speak into you and over you
  2. Set some peaceful time for yourself.  For some like music is my thing so I am intentional in what I listen to.  When I’m really upset I notice I listen to a lot of southern rap.  So when I get to that level its okay to have that as an outlet, but I also make sure I settle myself so that I can have the correct response to others.  Trust me music can affect your mood-so be careful!
  3. If you are a writer or need to get it out and in arenas where stressful things happen and you can’t verbalize your issues, get you a journal.  Nothing like expressing yourself in your own words without having to go off on a soul.  You can get a journal at the dollar store-so we talking cheap here. If you are into technology than invest in a journal app-there are free ones you can download and write on the go. You can also get a stress ball.  Remember them?  Yes that is instant stress reliving and most wouldn’t even know you had it.
  4. Last suggest is simple-get some activities that you alone love to do.  Sometimes in a stressful world we don’t laugh or live a little.  If you are in a relationship there’s no reason why you have  to do everything joined at the hip.  Get yourself something that is yours alone that makes you happy.  You can start by getting a new hobby, taking a free online class, or expanding a desire you already love and make it happen this year.
  5. Eat better-I love my snacks.  I really do, but I notice that when I go long periods of time without eating or eating the wrong food that I find I’m a little harder to get along with.  How you treat your body speaks volumes so be intentional in being more aware of what you shovel in your mouth.

Being aware is all about you.  In this selfish world we always tell others to think about others and I’m a firm believer in that, however there are times when looking inwardly is the way to keep your mind and spirit strong.



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