Snow Survival Kits?

So I love summer.  I don’t complain about the heat.  I don’t complain about the sun.  I just love it.  However since I haven’t yet been fortunate to buy a home in the sunny side of the world.  So because of that alone I have to deal with the snow. Let’s be honest, snow and I ain’t never been friends.  Snow is not my side piece, nothing.  I dislike it.  The one thing however is that I am the one that tries to turn things around so here are my suggestions for all the sunny side up folks like myself to survive this impending snow storm in the Northeast and Midwest.

  1. Food: Please don’t give me the grocery stores are just making money off of fear.  This may be all true but you got to eat.  Some of ya’ll wont walk down the street to the park to work out so your not about to travel to the grocery store in a foot of snow to grab some milk.  Don’t be lazy get your necessities.  Also think outside the box you will be cooped in the house for a few days which isn’t tragic but reality is you will need snacks.  If you still working out you can grab some healthy choices but if you like me you may want to throw a bag or 2 of Doritos in there-get em.
  2. Indoor Activities: So I have a crate that I have placed all of my magazines that I haven’t read and books I’ve been meaning to get to so I can dive in when those flurries start to hit.  I have also added my journals and some really cute pens to keep me inspired. This may be the time to take a dollar store or Five Below trip and grab some puzzles, art supplies, etc for the kids.  Yes they may get bored.  Although snow is an excuse to be outside, they can’t live out there and you will need something to distract them so you aren’t ready to toss them come Monday.
  3. Drinks: If you don’t drink no shade but if you do go now and grab a few bottles. Nothing is more cozy than a glass and watching the snow from your warm home. Most people will be making a liquor store run so don’t wait until the last minute. Experiment as well.  Use sites such as Pintrest to help you learn some new recipes-you have time.  If you aren’t a drinker there are some awesome warming drinks that can be made.  Did you know you can make hot cocoa recipes in your crock pot?  Yes goggle it-it’s a thing.
  4. Get Out: As much as I don’t like the snow, I have 3 little people that will beg me to go out in it so I must bundle them and me and get to making Frosty come alive.  Always make sure you bundle properly and have the proper gear to be out.  Frost bite is real and people have gotten sick or died from prolonged hours in cold weather-be careful. Make it fun.  Outside of snow angels and snowmen or women be sure to throw a snowball or two.  I definitely plan to hit my husband with a few-honey you know it’s going down!!
  5. Be Prepared: Please make sure in all seriousness that you have flashlights with batteries, food that can be prepared without heat or refrigeration.  Although kids love snow days the reality is that snow can bring devastating results.  There will be many who will lost power.  Make sure you check on your loved ones.  Also attempt to keep your cell phones charged in case you do lose power. Many people do not have land lines to save money-I feel you.  So outside of reading my blogs, and social media, save some power to make emergency calls if necessary.
  6. Check on the Elderly: there are many that can’t get out in our own neighborhood. Band together in the next couple of days to make sure that they have medicine, food and any other supplies.
  7. Medicine Run: No one really thinks about it but often times households get sick and if the snow is really what they claim it will be, you may not be able to make a CVS run.  Stock up on medicine for your entire household.  Get over the counter, make sure you get refills of meds as well.  My kids have asthma so I have already checked all inhalers and back up ones and have called in all prescriptions.
  8. Make a few Dollars: Back in the day it was the thing to go house to house and shovel.  I didn’t always make that much because again I don’t like snow.  There are many that do not like to shovel and would pay a few dollars to do so.  So if you want to make a few extra bucks this is the time to do it.
  9. Baby Making: Most of us reading this blog should be adults.  Be careful if you are squeezed up with the one you love or the one you with for right now.  There are a lot of babies coming in the Summer that are a result of snowstorm sex.  If you don’t want to get pregnant take the precautions.  Also there are a lot of storm babies born. The pressure from the weather does things to a woman’s body.  I had my daughter in February and it was right after a storm as well.  If you are pregnant take precautions to make sure you are extra prepared as well.  Have bags packed if it’s close to your due date.  Make sure you don’t try to weather the storm either.  If you can’t drive please dial 911 and let them come and get you.
  10. Work: If you work in the medical field there is no such thing as days off.  So be careful navigating on the road.  There are a lot of working personnel that actually pack clothes and necessities to stay at their job when storms hit.  Even if you normally don’t I would always have some things in your trunk.  You never know what can happen and preparation is key.

In general, snow can be a pretty or devastating sight.  Try and make the most of the situation.  Use common sense.  I have seen folks that have gotten hurt just from playing a little too rough.  Personally I’m accident prone and so are my kids so we will be taking it easy.  Have a little fun.  Complain a little less.  Take a deep breath and enjoy it as much as possible.  Try to catch up on some housework that you haven’t had time to do.  Maybe binge on some good old fashioned television as well.  Whatever you do be safe and know ToiTime will be blogging through it.


2 thoughts on “Snow Survival Kits?

  1. I can so relate to the food! On my lunch today I used the time to run into Target to pick up some frozen items(praying we don’t lose power)and first and foremost SNACKS!!!!! My teen and 9yo areSNACKERS! The freezer can be filled but they will YELL we have no SNACKS! I have my new book and magazines all ready to go. You can gave me an idea to pull out my nice journal I started writing poetry in a few months ago. #9 Definitely no worries there, lol! If this is truly a blizzard it will be a warm and cozy weekend with my kiddos. Now if only I can pay someone to clean off my vehicle on Sunday!


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