It’s just the Previews

When I go to the movies I don’t play games.  I hate getting there late because I don’t like missing the previews.  I absolutely love the previews.  I pretty much plan in my mind which of the new movies that are coming out are even worth my time and attention.

My time is limited so I really try to save my free time for things that appear to be worth it.  Now the issues of previews is that you only see enough to pull you in.  You can go back and watch the whole movie and discover it wasn’t worth the hype it presented in the beginning.  How much more relationships?

Some men and women move and get overly excited because of a preview of a person.  The preview has them all kinds of excited.  Some take their time and patiently wait to see the whole movie to make their decision on its value.  Others run with the preview and no matter what anyone says they are hooked.

Don’t make a final decision based on the preview that the man or woman is showing you.  If they care about themselves they will show you the great parts of them.  They won’t show the part of them that may make you second guess them.  Take your time.  Enjoy the preview  but be the best critic and review the movie yourself.  Take care while you are reviewing the movie that you ask questions.  When you’re watching a movie and something doesn’t look right, we ask questions but won’t do the same in relationships.  Be careful not to jump to conclusions without seeing the movie until the end. Get a second opinion of someone who has stability in their life and can speak into yours.  Get to know all the characters and don’t just jump to the credits. 



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