Woman Crush Wednesday: Positive Influences

In this age where it appears that women who show more seem to get more, it’s always a good thing to know that there are women who still are about their communities, take care of their homes and families, and generally work hard for the things they need.  I read something on someone’s social media that stated that these things should be a rarity at all and its true.  Why is that women doing the right thing is a jewel when it should be the standard.

Not all ladies are out here showing what they momma gave them.  Not all women are having children to be taken care of by the system or others.  Not all women have a general disregard for life and others around.  If you are a women that’s on top of things and handling your business you need to shine bright.  Yes there’s not one thing wrong with being a light in this dark world.  Shine.  We need more of you to take your rightful place. There was a time back in the day where women inspired to be this type of example to their daughters, don’t settle to these new standards.  The new standards are fads and if you know anything about fads you know they will fade away.

A large part of having stand up women is having women being comfortable in their skin to uplift each other.  We don’t have to play crabs in the barrel to make it.  There’s enough light for us to glow.  The next time you see a woman doing great things don’t turn your nose up to her.  Smile and give a compliment.  You have to be someone who is completely insecure not to be able to pay a compliment to someone and think it diminishes you in any way.  We as women have to encourage each other especially the younger ones underneath us.  They are watching how we handle things.  They will take our cues for us. What type of integrity are you showing them?  Women are everything you can think of. We are chefs, moms, planners, nurturers, etc.  However from time to time we all find ourselves in situations where encouragement can go along way.  Extending grace to others is important.  Sometimes we think that people don’t hurt by our words or actions and that’s simply not true.

Ladies, let’s be our own woman crushes but make sure that someone else looking at us we can be a crush to someone else.  Remember a crush is someone who is well put together, doing great things, etc.  Often times even crushes have bad days and don’t live up to their own standards but the secret is you don’t see that part of them because of the way they carry themselves.  Hold yourself in high regards and you’re halfway there.  To all my beautiful ladies today know that ToiTime loves you and encourages you to be the best version of you that you can be!!



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