Love week: It’s not just about you!

Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to love week ToiTime style.  We will cover all aspects of love and romance and make sure we don’t leave the singles out either.  This is the time of the year where people place so much stock into their self worth over roses and candy.  Not at ToiTime.  We know the real deal.

Now as much as the men are aware that they must step it up to get their boo a little trinket of their appreciation, ladies we have to do better too.  Do you know how many men complain about either not getting anything for Valentine’s day but also for getting something they can’t use or even want.  So ladies since we love our men and want them to think outside of the box let’s do the same.  Here are some suggestions to gifting your favorite guy.  You’re welcome!!

For the guy that has everything:

Gift this man an experience.  He is probably up to his literal neck with t-shirts, sweaters, and ties.  So gift him his favorite concert tickets, beer fest, paintball, etc.  You don’t have to break the bank either.  Trust your buying power and use Groupon and Living Social for amazing deals.  The gift will give him something he loves and may get you some out of the house time as well.  You can either go with him or send your man on a few hours of alone time.  Either way you and him are winning.

The gadget man:

Do your research.  If he has the latest phone, upgrade him an accessory.  Yes you literally can’t go wrong if you go with a gadget.  Men like things that stand out and is hot.  If you’re a little dusty in what’s new, visit online as well as your local stores.  The stores I trust for gadgets other than Amazon is Best Buy.  The associates will shed light on the must haves of the season.  This would mean don’t wait until the last minute either.

Upgrade your man:

It’s not just a Beyoncé thing, these little holidays are times to get your man that look you have wanted him to try.  He may end up liking what he normally likes but you can upgrade him and have him your way even if it’s for a night.  You can also have him try something new too.  Men usually don’t elect to get pedicures or massages but trust me this is the time where you may be able to turn it into a couples themed time and enjoy being pampered together.  What says loving like a little pre-gaming?

The I sure would like that guy:

This is literally every guy.  Ladies a little listening goes a long way. So when you have been laid up with him and a commercial comes on watch him.  He will say things like “that’s nice,” “I should get that,” or “I wish I had that,” these are the go to gifts.  One it says you care.  The other makes it easy to get him what he wants.  Lastly it’s nice to get something from the one you love and that’s you right?

Take it up one notch this year.  It’s time to put some stock into your man just like you want him to do you.  Yes men love gifts, it’s no secret.  I don’t care if your man says “I’m good” or “I don’t need anything,” get your man something heartfelt and meaningful this year other than a card.

If you’re on a budget like most, then you can do the above but you have to be clever.  There’s sales going on this week so catch them.  If you have coupons utilize them.  Also enjoy some D.I.Y projects but make it something he can use.  Get some indoor flames going as well by turning up the heat between you and your man.  Make sure you are looking, feeling and smelling good.  Ladies you know some have fallen off the boat. Men are visual beings.  Don’t bring him your package and it looks like it’s been beat up.  Present your man the best version of you that you can.  Make him want to be around you.  There’s nothing wrong with a little hotness this Valentine’s day.  What man is going to turn down a hot and confident lady?  Just make sure that lady is you.

Ladies you’re welcome.  Men you’re more than welcome.  Not all men are raggedy, cheating, no good for nothing and all of the other negative stereotypes that are out there.  Ladies if you have a good one, show him everyday.  Don’t let this Valentine’s day go without him getting a great gift too.



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