“Fat Tuesday”

Happy Mardi Gras day to all ToiTime readers.  Today is also known as “Fat Tuesday.”  This is the  day that many indulge before the big fasting season of Lent.

During Lent many elect to give up something that they like to become more disciplined.  A lot of Catholics participate in the yearly 46 day (47 this year is a leap year) tradition.  Now let me make a disclaimer that I’m personally not Catholic however I’ve chosen to participate in Lent.  I’ve actually seen an increase in the fast in Christianity altogether.  Now for me I do it because it’s usually something I need to give up anyway.  I pick a habit like watching television, some drinking, smoking, etc.  It’s all things that we don’t need in our body.

Now last year I challenged those who are religious or not to give up a secret sin or habit that they need to do away with as well.  I truly believe that we daily need to find ways of becoming better.  What’s better than giving up lying, cheating, sex outside of marriage, etc.  The options are limitless.  I think it renews the mind and allows you to understand yourself so much better.

I know some people tell what they are giving up and others don’t.  Personally it’s a personal choice.  I think if you need those around you to encourage you to keep going on this 6 week course than by all means let someone know.  If you are more private and prefer to keep it to yourself that’s fine too.  No one is perfect by any means so we ALL have something that we need to let go and that can be something physical and inward.

So today indulge.  That’s why so many people party hard on this day. There’s not going to be a bar that doesn’t have some type of drink special.  If you live in Pennsylvania then you know about fasnachts.  These delightful fried donuts are some awesome goodness.  I definitely plan on having 2 or 3 of them myself. These special donuts were a way of riding cabinets of sugar, lard, etc and using the ingredients together before Lent.

If you are fortunate you can also celebrate Fat Tuesday by partying hard in New Orleans.  This is the city that celebrates Mardi Gras with the beads, masks, etc.  I’ve never been but trust it’s on my to do lists.  However you choose to celebrate this momentous occasion, keep in mind that if you should choose to take on the fasting of self you will become stronger.  So enjoy all the fun that today has to offer.  I know I sure will.  Be safe and have fun.



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