Love Week: National Satisfied Staying Single and Galentine’s Day!

Alright ladies it’s another day for us.  We really have things set in stone to encourage us along the way.  If you change your focus on what things mean you really can find that you don’t have to do things alone.  We as women don’t understand the unique power we have inside of us nor do we understand the sisterhood we have amongst each other.  With that power let’s dive into two holidays today.  It’s national Satisfied Staying Single and Galentine’s Day.


Galentine’s Day

This is a day of nothing but pure sisterhood and friendship.  Ladies you should be calling your closest friends today.  You should be trying to go out for drinks today and just celebrate your unique friendships.  Sorry fellows this is a girls only thing and no men are allowed to rain on the parade.  Yes and its a great thing that it’s during Love Week as well. This gathering among your girlfriends has no bearing on being single, married, divorced, or widowed.  This is simply about ladies coming together no matter what their status is outside of just being friends.  Yes a time to just enjoy being a women.  So if you have some girlfriends that live close by and can get together I would say do it.  I know money is tight and it doesn’t have to be anything too big.

In my case a lot of my girlfriends live in other cities or states.  It’s hard to get together and kick back.  However the one thing about my friends is that they are all wonderful and we try to keep the connection as tight as possible.  We are also planning a girl’s trip for the summer so that helps as well.  Call up a girlfriend of yours and make her day.  No texting or social media only contact.  Call them and catch up.  Listen to each other.  Love can be felt even from far away.  So to my girls-expect a call throughout the day today.  I love you all.


Satisfied Staying Single Day

Let me clear the air on being single.  I’ve seen it all from women who literally are in pain and agony due to wanting someone to share their life and not handling it well.  It’s a lot when you want to be joined with someone.  You can tell a single woman who it’s going to be okay especially when in my case am married and go home and lay up with my husband. I’ve been there so I get it.

Today isn’t about the doom and gloom of being single.  This is about saying yes I’m single and I’m okay with that.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t want or need a man either.  Being single and satisfied is an inward thing.  Let me share with you a secret.  Love has a way of finding you at the craziest moments and usually when you are out enjoying life instead of beating yourself over biological clocks and babies.  I want to highlight one of my favorite authors, Michelle McKinney Hammond.  I may have literally every last one of her books. She speaks very candidly about being single and learning to cope with it because I’m not sure if you know, it’s not a disease or a plague.  It’s not the end of the world.  I would encourage you to read her book, Sassy, Single and Satisfied.  It’s a great read.  She puts things into perspective as well as she has easy to follow journal type questions that are worth applying.  I still have my journal from when I was in my 20s and read this book.



Even the most strong women want to experience love they just haven’t found one who is willing to tear down their walls.  Now understand that there is a responsibility in you as well.  You must be willing to do some work on you too.  When I was in my 20s my mom was intentional in telling me that I don’t need to expect a man to come in and rescue me mentally, physically, and emotionally. This leads to women being married and still unhappy.  There is a responsibility within each of you to take back your life and live.





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