Love Week: Spread Love Towards All-Kids Corner

I had a parent who wrote in about what to do with kids.  I’ve heard many debates that Valentine’s day isn’t a holiday for children.  That is not true.  Valentine’s day is a day we show love that is on a calendar.  We are to show love all year long.  So kids need love and these type of holidays can be celebrated with children and don’t take away from the love and romance of couples at all.   I have some ways for you to share love towards others that you can do to enjoy your weekend.  There’s something for everyone to do:


Kids Corner

Passing out Valentine Cards!!

Back in the day when I was growing up we couldn’t wait to get those boxed Valentine cards and pass them out.  I loved getting so many and if I had a crush I would be curious to see what they wrote on them or if any candy was attached.  The same pretty much holds true today.  I have a 6 year old who has been on me to get them done like last week. Today is the day where I will allow her to prep them and she will pass them out to her classmates tomorrow during their holiday party.

My 2 youngest kids daycare doesn’t celebrate any holiday to respect all of the different children’s religious beliefs.  So my mother in law purchased the kids valentine’s day to give out weeks ago.  So what my husband and I decided we would do for my younger 2 children is allow them with supervision to pass out valentine’s randomly all weekend long.  We have several places we need to be so it will give them oppourtunies all weekend long to spread love.  This shows kids other than telling them how to love on others.

Make a Snack to Share with a Neighbor

Most kids will have a party of some sort while in school.  We have planned to share a snack with our neighbor and her grand-kids who are the same age as my kids.  The reason, she does little things for our family.  Take a moment to maybe share a treat with someone in your neighborhood.  You can find an older person who may not have someone to love on them.  Yes I’m aware that in some neighborhoods many don’t speak to each other but this is a great way to break the ice.  You should be aware of whom you live around. There’s nothing wrong with building relationships you never know when you may need a helping hand.

Family Party 

We do some sort of party with our kids.  Even though Valentine’s day is usually geared towards love and romance we share it with our kids separately from what my husband and I do for each other.  I make them a homemade basket of things they love and of course include candy for them as well.  Then I usually make them a cake or cupcakes and we have a little party with decorations.  I love holidays so I try to make most holidays a day to remember.  The kids always look forward to them.

Movie Night

This year we will be going out just me and the husband.  This doesn’t happen often.  So we will provide the sitter and them a Valentine’s day movie to enjoy.  Nothing says fun like a little movie and some awesome snacks.  It makes them feel special and its something that can be done for cheap.  You can gather popcorn and candy and make it a great night for them.  Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year so you can do this at any point during the weekend.  Kids love to be included in little things like this.

Arts and Crafts

Do not despise the fact that little people love to make things.  You can take the time to have them make something just to commemorate the day.  This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy-all you need is supplies and allow the creative mind go.  If you aren’t the D.I.Y parent than utilize sites such as Pintrest to assist you.  Being creative and having fun always go hand in hand.


Stores that you can shop to pull this off:

Dollar Store/Dollar General, Walmart, Five Below, Target,etc

These small gestures make children feel so good and trust me when I say that nothing is more important that that.  If you want to do something special for your child you can. The sky is the limit.  It doesn’t have to break the bank.  Children just love trinkets so give them a little something.  I’ll probably be the parent that still sends them Valentine’s when they are in college!!




2 thoughts on “Love Week: Spread Love Towards All-Kids Corner

  1. So true. Target’s $1-$3 spot is a great place for a DIYer. I always give my kids a bag of goodies and this year we may grab a bite at one of our favorite eateries. I even gave my daughter’s two teachers the Hershey’s Vday chocolate bar. Kids are very excited to exchange either cards or a small treat.


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