Madly in Love with Me Day!

So today is the day to celebrate yourself.  What makes you, you?  I love me.  I have a unique name, bubbly personality, and I love all things considered weird but I love me.  Kirk Franklin has a song titled “I like me.”  In this song it talks about even if no one likes you, you need to like yourself because let’s face it even if you are a twin-which I am there’s still no one quite like me.

What are the things about yourself that you should celebrate?  What are the things that you love about yourself? If you’re saying there’s nothing about you that you want to celebrate than this is even more reason you need to be intentional in celebrating today.

Even with all of your quirkiness you are a beautiful being. Ok days like this I would curl up with a book, write in my journal or catch a really good movie. Why? These are things that I like about how I spend time with myself. I like to go to Barnes and nobles so that would somewhere I could spend hours uninterrupted. Whatever you like to do or like about you, take a little time today to soak it in.

Celebrate yourself!!! Love yourself. You are your greatest asset and you deserve to honor yourself first before you can extend yourself to another person. There are plenty of people walking around trying to be everything to others but they end up being nothing to themselves. Deposit into your bank before you end up writing bounced checks of love, patience, etc to those around you.



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