Work Woes Week: I hate my Job!

One of the things that many are ready for is a different job especially in the New Year when change is on the top of everyone’s mind.  Job hunting can be a full time job within itself if you’re doing it right.  Now let me say from the start, I’ve been at a job and have had moments when I have had to pray myself into the building.  I hated it not because of what I was doing but who I was working with or for.

One of the things about hating your job is to understand its purpose. If you are not in a position where you can quit and still have the ability to not have an interruption in your bills, than you must re-think about what you want to do before just rolling.  There was a time back many moons where you could quit a job on Friday and find employment on Monday.  This is not one of the economic markets where that will always be the case.  You have to understand the old school fundamental-don’t leave a job until you have something in its place.  Now before the angry mob of readers attack let me be clear, I’m all for taking leaps of faith but when you have bills and others depending on you-that leap has to be more calculated.  Have I seen moments where leaps of faith are just that, faith? Yes, I have taken them myself as well.

These are some of the most common reasons why people hate their job:

  1. No Mobility: If you’re in a dead locked position with no advancement, you will either like it or hate it.  These are the type of jobs where you can’t make a upward move and these jobs are for those who love routine.  If you’re not a routine person you will get stuck in a rut and be out just as fast as you got in.
  2. Boss Issues: This can range from a boss who plays favoritism, a boss who isn’t professional, a boss who is “out to get you,” a boss who has no managerial skills, a boss who doesn’t like you, a boss who isn’t a leader…. The list is endless.  Sometimes you have to take your eyes off the boss and work to get your job done.  If you are in a situation and you have tried with all of the resources you have within a company to make things different, than and only then do I say make a move.  You may never get a boss that is likeable, loving, and all the flowers you want at a job.  Life is all about challenges.
  3. Wanting a different career: There’s a difference between a job and a career.  Many people take jobs for their end goals, but career wise it may not be the best move.  If you are looking to go from job to job then focus on tangible things that can be changed or switched up from position to position. However, if you’re looking for a career, then get a mentor that is at the top of where you want to be.  This makes a difference in how you move and what you do until you achieve your goals.

If you hate your job my question is simple, what are you doing about it?  Sitting in a car crying day in and day out sometimes depending on where you are in life is a temporary solution.  Those tears only breed anxiety, anger, and hurt.  You can’t effectively do your job with that much resentment about your place of employment.  So you need to act on your thoughts.  This is not the time for you to just sit and hope a better day is coming.  If you gotten to the point where you dread coming to work not because you just don’t want to get up but its the worst place you have ever been, do something.

This week we will talking about job issues and I will share some personal stories of how I dealt with some difficult issues in the work place.  Two places you should have peace and that’s home and work.  Why?  You spend the most time at both.  Why leave peace to come to a place where there is no peace.  Peace however is an internal thing.  I’ve worked with the worst colleagues, most insensitive bosses, and some of the worst hours ever in life, but I had to think about my bottom line.  One thing I do know is when you align your life, things have a way of working out but again faith without works is dead.  Its not enough to hate your job, it is enough to take action and the time is now.




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