Job Woes Week: Ask Toi!

So I got a question from a reader and she asked: how do you tastefully leave a job?

This is a good question.  I think the standard is to give your employer at least 2 weeks notice.  Some positions if you are in upper management may need more.  Some jobs ask that you participate in the training and hiring of your own replacement.  I think it’s always customary for you to attempt to give enough notice so that pretty much saves face.  I’ve worked in the temporary staffing agency field where there are many who do the whole no call and no show thing.  This is totally unacceptable.  Most jobs regardless if you like it or not are depending on you to be there so be there.  Its hard from a managerial position to have someone just quit.  In some jobs, like restaurants, retail,  etc the turn over is high.

There are times when you can’t give notice.  You should limit this type of interaction with employers.  Know that when it’s time to go and you are comfortable with the decision whether or not you have something lined up or not think about leaving on good terms.  This is always the goal. This doesn’t mean that life happens and you can’t meet it.  I hope for anyone leaving a position that they would leave on good terms.  You never know when you may need someone again in your future.  Don’t burn bridges.  Some times leaving isn’t even a result of something you have done.  Some times leaving is a direct result of issues that you may have experienced with a direct supervisor.  You are only responsible for your actions.  Have I ever wanted to tell a boss to kiss it?  Absolutely.  In the real world we are only judged by what we do not for what others do to us.  Good luck in your decision.


One thought on “Job Woes Week: Ask Toi!

  1. Always submit a resignation letter. It doesn’t have to be extra formal or specific in the reasons why you are leaving. Always thank your employer for the opportunity the gave you, whether you are leaving for good reasons are not, your employer gave you an opportunity to learn new skills. Never talk badly about your employer because you never know when you might need them again.

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