Job Woes Week: Ask Toi-Bosses, Co-Workers and Social Media

I was asked if having your boss or co-worker on your social media is a big no no. I would say generally it really does depend on how you use your social media.  I use my social media platform whether that be personal or for my blog to promote positively.  It’s very rare that I go off or say anything that I’m not willing to stand on when it comes to my work life.  I don’t have anything on my social media that my momma can’t see.  By the way she’s on all of my social media platforms. My mom knows my personality and my online persona is way more calmer than she’s seen in real life.

Now if you feel the need to curse your boss or your co-workers out on social media you have a few options.  On Facebook you can always change who can see your posts.  You can customize your post to filter that type of backlash if you think one will come. Rule of thumb may be to not post anything no matter who the audience is that you would have a problem with coming back to you.  I have had many moments where I’ve been petty but I’m also the type that can and will let someone know if my posts were directed towards them.  Over a year ago I decided not to even take it there and just leave my posts as positive as I can.  I’ve elected to be way verbal in real life and move along but not everyone is there.  I know plenty who use social media to “say it with their chest.”  For some this works to avoid saying what they need to say in person.

If you want to separate your personal life from work life, then you can decline your boss’s or co-worker’s friend request.  They can’t use your lack of allowing them on your social media against you.  Keep in mind that the streets are always watching. Your boss or other co-workers could be monitoring your usage.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t check what you post or the type of things you post.  I personally have past and current bosses on mine and it hasn’t been a problem.  For me my page reflects a large part of my life but not every aspect of it.  I’m human and I have good and bad days.  I don’t post messages about my marriage that are negative or about days when my kids get on my nerves I have to lock myself in a closet.  I actually haven’t had that bad of a day or if I have I work it out offline.

If you know you may have a persona that you don’t want your boss or fellow co-workers to see then leave them off and only socialize or interact with them offline.  How you interact offline is way more important than what you do online.  However if you are making racial, sexual, and slanderish comments or posts do know that in this day and age those posts have gotten many people fired.  So be careful. Screenshots of things can be damaging too.


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