Last week!

So as I do my sad preparation for this upcoming week, I have to reflect on last week.  I’m not sad because I’m expecting a bad week. I’m just sad because hey the weekend is over.

I didn’t do much but isn’t that the point? There are some weekends where it seems like every second of my time is booked.  I play taxi mom, chef, referee, etc.  I mean as long of a work week I have, being at home sometimes is more work than my actual job.  The difference is I get to wear what I want and if I miss something, it’s just missed.

Last week was one of those weeks where I really could do without the stress, anger, lack of time management, and wanting to snap, but life happens.  Last week was one for the books.  I was unable to get my life together.  No makeup for most of the week, the one day I ate cupcakes and m&ms for lunch, and a schedule? Please, what is that? So yeah I was on the verge of a mini breakdown.

I’m glad I got through it even without my mascara and eyeliner.  So what am I excited about this week:

1. I just downloaded Out of Milk app.  This little jewel is everything I’ve been looking for.  It’s a grocery, to do list and so much more.  FYI, I will not break up with my calendar book nope not gonna happen.  But I do like the ability to have my stuff on my phone and the ability to send to my husband.

2. Laundry is completed and I didn’t have to tap into my anxiety to get it done.  Yes with a family of 5 I swear to you, all I do is wash and clean.  One of these days I’m gonna slap Molly Maid on my outfit.

3. New hair do.  I don’t always go to the hair dresser since I’m on team save money but when I do, I goes to the hair dresser.  Feeling good about myself will surely start the week off right?! Of course.

4. New goals: I’ve tapped into some goals for the week and I’m excited to get them done.  I’ll check them off in my calendar book.  I paid a good 1.74 from Barnes and Nobles for it!! Like I said I’m not divorcing my book no time soon.

This week I know will be better even with all of the things that need to be done.  So find something that makes you happy and get it done.  Trust me this week I’ll be armed with an iced coffee, mascara, and my eye liner. 



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