Weekend ReCap

So it doesn’t happen often but this weekend I was able to spend a little more time than usual to catch up on what’s going on with women all around the world.  I will highlight some things that stuck out to me.


Ne-yo and Crystal Renay wed this weekend

Well I blogged about this before in respect to the fact that Ne-yo had asked his ex-fiance to get her tubes tied because as a couple they had decided they didn’t want to have any more children.  I said and still stand behind women not making permanent decisions with temporary people.  Fast forward to this past weekend, where Ne-yo wed his fiance Crystal Renay.  Oh and if you haven’t heard by now they are expecting a little boy very soon.  As much as I want to be mad at him, it’s hard to be mad about other people’s decision.  Ne-yo’s ex is responsible for her own actions.  I can imagine that she could be frustrated. She’s human, but at the same time Ne-Yo didn’t make her make that decision so therefore she is responsible for her actions.  I wish Ne-Yo and Crystal the best.


Florida mom left screaming 6 year old to die in a house fire

Okay so you are in a fire and your child is still in the home.  What do you do?  Most parents and non parents alike will run back into the home or never left the home until they made an attempt to save their child.  According to documents, a Florida mom is being accused of leaving her 6 year old in the home to die. This means they would have to have enough evidence to prove that it was done intentionally.  My first response was that of a mom would would have risked her own life for her children.  I can’t say I would have been calm knowing any one of my babies was still in a burning home.  I pray I never know what that feels like.  My second response was most of the time they tell you not to go back in.  So who’s wrong?  I’m going to wait until I get more information before I decide to stay on one fence.

 Talia Jane and Yelp

If you haven’t heard by now, then let me bring you up to speed.  Talia Jane wrote a very public letter talking about how bad her job had been treating her and fellow co-workers and guess what?  She was fired, go figure.  She was making about 733.24 bi-weekly and stated that she was struggling to buy groceries.  She lives in San Francisco Bay area.  The cost of living is no doubt is high.  She was told once she posted the letter on twitter that it violated Yelp’s Terms of Conduct.  The CEO addressed her on twitter stating that she wasn’t fired due to her letter.  He did agree with her that the cost of living was high. Many have stepped up to assist her. You know how this works.  My issue with it that she’s not alone.  There are many with great education and backgrounds working jobs that don’t meet their bottom line.  They aren’t lazy and want to sit on their behinds.  They are just taking what they can until something better comes along.  I think Yelp really is just like most jobs, they are more concerned for their profit over their workers.  It’s evident that is the case.  The only thing I can say to someone who is in the same situation is to keep working until you find something.  Don’t just settle.  I hope other companies including Yelp make better decisions on how they hire and how they compensate as well.





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