Skin crawlers

One of my biggest challenge of this week have been people.  I know I have to live in the world around others but that doesn’t mean I have to like it or them.

My issue with people are the ones that get under my skin.  I definitely consider myself a person with thick skin. I really have to be.  In my life I have to wear too many hats to be a weak minded person.  However even with my ability to tune folks out this week has been one for the books.

I took the time to figure out what about the irritating people revealed inside of me.  Now as plucked as I was, I had enough know how to know it’s not them it’s me.  When you get into something trust and believe no matter how small or big whatever it is reveals an area you need to improve.

If you follow me on Facebook you know I asked Jesus to dip me into some more patience. I really wanted to point fingers at others.  I wanted to wallow in self pity that it was the other person and in no way nothing to do with me.  Wrong.  I had some things to work on.

So although folks can get on your last nerve or even under your skin, be still and get the lesson.  For me it’s my issue with knowing someone is attempting to get over on me.  For the most part, people want something from you, but when I know people are attempting to take more than I can give, I just don’t deal with it well.  As much as I am vocal when I can recognize your tactic I usually get quiet.  It’s because I’m looking for a tactic to deal with it.  I think in what way can I make sure you know not to cross me.

It’s sad but I’m working on it.  This is another way for me to ensure I won’t be taken advantage of.  It’s worked for me in most times.  I know I’m not going to be able to stop all foolishness but I know I can curtail most.  So as I go into this week I’ve prayed for patience and wisdom. For me not to move but also to put a stop on my critical thinking that causes me to think of ways to get folks back.  It’s not my job and it’s draining.

People sometimes don’t have the best intentions and it’s not my job to make others do the right thing.  The only thing I can do is be as pure as I can be and let the chips fall.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to lay down and play dead either.

So if you find yourself dealing with skin crawlers here is my list to get through it:

1. Don’t react
One of the things that happens for the most part is we have to speak on it.  We have to let it be known what is going on. Just stop.  Everything don’t need an immediate reaction.

2. Collect your thoughts
It’s easy to just fly off the handle but find a solution and not just a solution  to be right.

3. What’s the lesson?
Figure out what you need to gleam from the situation.  No matter how ugly and how crazy the situation is there is something to learn.  Learn it and apply it so you won’t have to keep retaking the test.

4. Honorably Response
Make sure your response is what you can live with.  Just because you didn’t respond initially doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t respond at all.  Keep things in line with facts and deal with the emotions within yourself.  If the situation is something that is a heart issue, take more time until you are sure you can do so honorably.

With the start of a new week, may you definitely have a great week.  Don’t allow someone to get under your skin.  If they do see what it reveals in you and deal with it accordingly.



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