Happy Women’s History Month

Yes ladies, it’s our month.  Women should be proud of the accomplishments we have made.  As women we are united by our unique struggles yet divided.  As we go into this month-long celebration, we need to do all we can to build more bridges of unity than ever before.

We wear many hats.  I don’t like when women only want to be identified with one aspect of their lives.  For instance some women only identify with being married.  As if marriage means they have arrived.  Many women identify themselves by their relationships.  You can be more than just a wife.  More than just a mom.  More than just a business woman. More than…

We have to stop being one-dimensional.  We have so much to offer the world.  As each day draws women are making moves to defy the limits that were placed on us.  I want to show women facing challenges.  I want to show women overcoming.  We all have something to share with one another. There is so much healing that can take place when we open ourselves to share our stories.  Take the time to enjoy this month and take the spirit of this experience with you daily.

Each day may feature one or more stories.  These women are sharing their personal stories.  I applaud each and every one of them.  So let’s take a journey together.



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