Spring Preview

Well in case you don’t know Spring is almost here.  I know that as much as I wanted to complain at least where I am we only had one really bad snow storm.  That is pretty good considering years previous hasn’t always been so gentle.

The first day of Spring is March 20, 2016.  I like Spring because its like the hype man for Summer. If you know me than you know that I’m all about Summer.  So what am I looking forward to for Spring?  Here is my little fun list of things to be happy about:
1. Warmer weather

Its the time where we can take the winter jackets and pack them away.  That doesn’t mean by any means we don’t need a light coat. Like my mom would say its still cool out.  So I’m looking forward to being able to put away the winter parka and enjoy the windows down and fresh air moments.

2. Longer days
That means more sunlight.  I do not like bringing my babies home in the dark and now that Spring is on its way getting home with a little light out will be a blessing.  I love it.  I like that my kids will ask me if they can play outside until the street lights come on.
3. New Blooms
I do NOT have a green thumb.  I don’t feel as if I can plant anything but this year I plan on trying my hand at it.  My neighbor does a beautiful job with it and I really want to have my front lawn looking right this year.  She has agreed to teach me a little bit so we shall see.  So if you can get a word of prayer in, say one for me and my yard.
4. Sunglasses
I’m not one for wearing sunglasses all year.  Maybe I should but I don’t.  I look forward to getting a new pair of sunglasses and literally looking cute.  Yes I’m fully aware that sunglasses are about protection but I want to wear them for vanity-let me live.
5. Sitting Outside
I am one for having a little drink outside or reading a book on the front porch.  I think fresh air is amazing.  So it will be warm enough but not too hot to get a little outdoor action.  I also like going to restaruants and intentionally sit outside to eat. I love it especially if I’m in good company.
6. Parks
That’s parent code for getting the kids out of the house.  I literally step up my game to find outdoor activities for my kids.  They will not sit in front of a television (they barely do it now).  There is a park like micro minutes from my house.  We usually walk to and from the park and play for at least 45 minutes.  It’s a great workout for the parents and a way to let go of the pent up energy that my little people have a great supply of.  The draw back is my kids and their allergies.  So I stay ready with a daily allergy medication and a little benadryl in my back pack at all times. We don’t let sneezes stop an adventure.  There is also a track so I like to place the youngest in the stroller and have the 2 oldest walk/run it with me.  A little family competition never hurts.  Whatever will help get the winter pounds off in preparation for summer time fine right?
7. Icecream shops
There is a really wonderful ice-cream shop like minutes from our house.  They sell the most unique flavors and toppings.  So yes even though I can save a few coins by buying ice-cream by the gallons and I do, every now and again I like to treat me and the kids to a little upgrade.  Oh and don’t forget about popsicles.  That’s a childhood staple.  I remember as a child my mom keeping them in the house and we do the same.
8. Fairs and Flea Markets
One of the best things to do is to enjoy some Philadelphia outdoor fairs.  Yes from Spring until Fall there will be many.  There are some great outdoor markets available too.  I love when there are outdoor flea markets.  I enjoy looking for unique items and saving money.  Not to mention there are some great food vendors too.  If you haven’t tried it where you live, give it a try.  You may find that you love it as much as I do.
I know its hard to see the Spring influence now.  At least it is today.  Its literally brick outside today.  They are calling for one more storm too.  However in my mind I’m outside on my porch with a little lemonade and a great book in my hand watching the kids play.  A girl can dream, right?  Well at least we have a few things to look forward to.  One of the things I have been more intentional about since having children is not waste idle time.  Kids grow fast.  So if you have a list of things you didn’t do from last year, get it done this year.  Time waits for no one.  One thing I won’t do is sit and complain about what life I could be living, I’m going to be out there enjoying it.  The time for planning memories is now.  I’m the queen of events and holidays.  My kids get an overdose of it all the time.  My son mentioned a few things that “should” be happening soon. I told him of course son, mommy is ready.  Warms my heart that they are recongnizing my efforts.  Take the time to smell the flowers, trust me the blooms are coming.

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