International Women’s Day

Well I have more personal stories of womanhood brewing trust me but today I wanted to take some time to really dig into what I feel International Women’s Day is all about.  To me I like the idea that women are getting their shine today.  I think we as women do so much and by nature sometimes are in the background.  There are many women who are making and paving the way for many other generations to come.

For me, today should be nothing but a celebration of every woman you know.  It doesn’t matter what that woman has or doesn’t have.  It’s not about marital statuses or sexual orientation.  It’s about celebrating what makes us, us.  I’m sorry for my males today but it’s like all of the women anthems all rolled into one beautiful day.  As I came to work all dressed and feeling great today I was like I really like the woman I am becoming.  Do I have my flaws OF COURSE I do.  But I love me.  I want to emulate to my daughters confidence. They will need so much confidence in this day and time.  Every morning, I tell my daughter that she’s strong and confident.  She says it to me and I say it to her every morning, no excuses.  I want her and my youngest little girl to grow up to be self-sufficient and to be strong but to enjoy being girls/women.  I literally love that my girls are some of the most dramatic, loving, and creative little creatures I’ve yet to meet.  They are a whirlwind of love and fun.  I want them to keep that.  In this age when little girls are trying to grow up before their time, I’m enjoying the little doll babies and dress up while I can.

These girls of mine will no doubt be forces to reckon with.  I know it.  I know they know it and I let them know that they have something that the world needs.  I want them to use their talents and gifts to really reach others.  I’m hoping even with all the evil in the world that they will be leaders of their time. I look forward to seeing what their marks will be.  If you have girls make sure that you give them all you can so they can grow.  What do you think the Beyonces, Oprahs, Misty Copelands, Nina Simones, had?  They had a gift, they had love, they had something on the inside that couldn’t be denied.  Their names carry weight for the gifts that they have dropped into this world.  So we have to nurture our daughters.  Happy International Women’s Day.  The day for ALL women of all walks of life to unite and join forces.  We are some powerful beings and its up to us to let that power show.  I salute my mother, Rhonda for giving me everything I need.  I salute my great grand mother Mommo. She just recently passed but I can feel her spirit everyday.  You will never meet another woman who just loved everyone and treated everyone with dignity and respect as Mommo.  I salute my grandmother Savannah Steward.  She is a strong woman of courage and is pressing through all of her struggles.  I salute Barbara Allen Sr., my grandmother as well.  She is known for giving to others and making sure others are taken care of.  I salute all of the women who have had a hand in making sure I had all I needed. Today ladies and everyday smile.  Don’t let the cares of the world drown your smile.  Times are hard and the world is seemingly getting worst. The one thing that can change is how you view yourself.  Love to every woman near and far.


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