Women’s History Month: Juanita B!

It’s something to have the ability to make friends in any arena.  Some people are blessed with the the gift and some aren’t.  The one thing I do value is my ability to read people. I’ve been blessed with that gift for quite some time.  I know a few that would disagree but that’s your business.  A few years ago I came across a woman who really did intrigue me. She was witty and said whatever she wanted and didn’t hold back.  We connected ironically off of Twitter.  That’s why I don’t pay anyone mind when they say you can’t use social media responsibly.  It simply isn’t true.  We then discovered that we had a lot in common.  We are both PKs.  What is a PK?  A PK is a preacher’s kid.  There’s something that unites all fellow PKs no matter location.  We began communicating and found we had more in common than we imagined.  This girl can sing, bake, and really has a heart for people.  When she and I connected she was in the trenches of change.  If you have been following her than you can literally see the transformation from what and where she wanted to be to what God had put on the inside of her.  Everyone has to go through changes and challenges and its good to see the great fruit that is being witnessed by Juanita’s life.  So it was of no consequence that I wanted to dig a bit deeper and in the life of Juanita.

The most challenging things I believe women deal with are the self inflicted bearings. Fatherless upbringings, conflicted relationships with mothers. These both I can relate to. The need to build self esteem in the areas our parents failed us at.  The things I desire to not be, I struggle with. Society has many adversities that will come head on. Standing strong when it seems as if it’s the end of the road. Women are competing with Women instead of themselves. Instead focusing on embracing other women and seeing the beauty in them. 

The legacy I wish to leave my daughter is that she can do anything she works hard for. Anything she wants she can have if she puts her best foot forward.  I want her to know that her mom fought many battles, to gain independence and gain womanhood, and be the strongest woman God created me to be.  Through life I want her to know that nothing will be easy. There will be hard times.  There will be brick walls.  But WITH GOD!!! In her eyes I’m the strongest Mother God created me to be. Know that trials will come but the real reward is the process it takes to get through it. 

I really wanted to know from Nita who was the most influential woman in her life.  Often times who we are around and who helps to build and shape us, are all tools to make us into who we need to be.  Juanita without hesitation replied:

My grandmother! She exemplified STRENGTH! She exemplified COURAGE! She exemplified WISDOM! A woman I dreamed of being. She was who I thought was Superwoman. I believed she was perfect. She was beautiful and her scent was one that you could smell in a room full of people. Her voice was angelic. She never raised her voice.  She was a sweet-heart and loved everyone she came in contact with even those she may have just talked to on the phone and had never even met. A woman who encouraged LOVE. She encouraged stability and foundation. When I think back to when I was a little girl, all I can remember is how much I looked up to Madea!
You can’t know where you are going until you accept where you have been.  I wanted to know what is next for Ms. Juanita:

Ministry that lives in me! I’m praying and waiting and reading the word. I found that when I read more I get closer to God, and when I’m closer I’m empowered. Asking God to remove my desires and replace them with knowledge. It’s definitely a struggle. The smallest things are my hardest things. Striving to be a business owner with my Bakery and having my own church one day. I live by the Reach one Teach one motto. Every person I reach is a 1 less person that I need to reach. 1 less person who’s life I can change. 1 less person whom I can help to push further. Our communities need more love and support. It needs guidance and love. There’s a scripture in the bible it reads “love conquers all”… We have been so reformed in our thinking. We are breeding jealousy and envious children. Parents not teaching them equality and understanding humility. Reality shows depicting a generation of unrealistic people. Full of imagination and degrading energy. That our youth are conditioned to “think” is the way of life. Everything we do as adults… Started at home! 

So there you have just a small glimpse into Ms. Juanita.  She is a wonderful mother and she is striving to be all that God is calling her to be.  I wish her nothing but the best but she really doesn’t need it she’s blessed by the best, God.  Juanita is definitely a mover and a shaker and I mean that literally.  She is open to whatever doors that life opens.  One of the first things she stated was she wasn’t afraid to move.  She has moved several places in the last few years.  She finds that often times people say they are open to change but then they stay stagnant and afraid to make it happen.  That’s not Juanita and her daughter is definitely behind her in the same sentiments.  Women need not be afraid to take some risks.  Life is too short not to be open to hear what your heart needs.

4 thoughts on “Women’s History Month: Juanita B!

  1. Thank you for extending the invite! I had a great time speaking with you and an even better time channeling my inner self! Thank you for the blog!

    Juanita B


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