St. Patty’s Day!

So today is the day.  The day where everyone and their mom will wear green and have fun. At this point in your life you should have looked up all the traditional reasons behind it.  If not I’m not going to bore you with it because there’s this thing called Goggle that will assist you.

I love holidays.  I celebrate every holiday that I’m aware of.  So today is no different. I have small children so today they are most excited to turn everything they can green.  They love that I love holidays which allows them to be able to have the most fun.  They also look forward to wearing anything and everything green possible.  You know me, a mom on a budget I stocked up early on everything from the dollar store and beyond.  I wanted to make sure they had options.  We decorated the house as well.  My hopes for this St. Patrick’s Day is that you have fun and be safe.  Uber should be in use or have a really good friend or family member on stand by to assist in getting you home safely.  With all of the green beer and whiskey that is in heavy supply today, safety should be your first concern. Since I don’t usually go out for the day only because its during the week and I got kids lol, I will make sure that I too drink at home and have a great time once the kids go down.  So for all of you who celebrate “may the luck of the Irish be with you.”

Again it’s all in good fun. Here is a sneak preview in how my little green mini kidlets will spend their day. And trust me I have so much more green for them to enjoy!!

Here are a few recipes to try as well:




So Happy St. Patrick’s Day from ToiTime!!


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