Surviving Spring Break with the Kids

So it’s that time of the year where parents sometimes cringe.  For some students its Spring Break.  A little happiness for our children but it could spell worry and anxiety for others. Let me say that most parents love their children.  Being a parent means being around them to give them the things that they need and some of the things they want.  However an extended amount of time off such as Spring Break can often times serve as a prelude to Summer vacation.

Some parents are very creative.  They can see time off as a time to get all kinds of fun in the sun in.  However the issue with Spring Break is that it’s not always warm enough for outside activities and kids can become very antsy.  Here are my tips for surviving Spring Break:

  1. Travel-if you can afford it than book somewhere fun that all can enjoy.  You can do a staycation too if you are limited on funds.  The objective is to allow the kids to see a place that they haven’t been before.  I know of some elaborate plans such as going across the world to a 2 hour away staycation taken in the city and learning new things.
  2. Plan ahead-one of the most boring things about any break is not having anything to do.  If you are worried about your children being in front of the television or on a device than its up to you to have things line up that will allow them to create and have fun.  Take it back old school.  Our kids don’t get enough outside play or know anything outside of a gadget.  We did an etch a sketch tournament to see who could build the best house.  Now if you don’t even know what an etch a sketch is well we got issues-Google it. It looks like an old school device but trying to have my little kids make turns etc on it was priceless.
  3. Stay patient-yes there will be more food eaten, more laundry to do-they are home. Don’t show signs that they are getting to you because they just might.
  4. Groupon-since kids are home sites such as Groupon will have great deals for you to try something different.  This will take the whole we are just sitting at home to another level.  Plan to have little adventures.
  5. Crafts and foods-Did you know that you can turn an ordinary day into wonderful by allowing your kids to cook with you as well as allow them to craft?  One craft could provide at least an hour of distraction and fun.  Try it.  It works wonders.

If you have slightly older kids, the same can be applied you just have to find activities that are geared more towards their age.  Take them to a concert that they would like.  Find out their interests and work around them.  You will be amazed at the endless amounts of fun you can have during a break.  You can be low on funds and not low of entertainment. To be honest you can turn the ordinary things in your home into hours of fun.

When I was a stay at home mom, I would make eye patches and have me and my children paint them, take paper towel rolls (after using the paper towels) and we would become pirates and had full adventures.  This was using things in my house.  Also make each day a theme.  Make a craft and all the food for the day match that theme.  We had taken a trip to Mexico one day.  All the food I Googled and made so it was fresh and let them help me.  We learned about the culture and all of our activities and crafts fit as well.

Here are some themes to help:

Beach and Sun-turn the house into a beach. Allow the kids to wear their bathing suits, have grilled food and allow them to play and pretend to be mermaids and sea animals.

Carnival Fun-You can rent or purchase carnival items such as cotton candy maker, make pretzels, make funnel cake and really take it to the next level.  Allow the kids to play games and win prizes.  This can be done in and outside of the home.  Rainy days need not stop you.

Again put yourself in your children’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Have fun and happy Spring Break to all!!


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