Women’s History Month: Awilda!

Welcome to another wonderful edition of our women’s history month series.  We have been delighted with some great stories thus far.  Today we are going to hear from Awilda Lopez Mercado.  I met Awilda in high school.  Let me tell you of my first impressions of Awilda.  From afar I honestly thought she was this beautiful girl who wouldn’t pay my plain Jane self any attention.  I was wrong.  She was beautiful, well liked, and very approachable. She came up to me and made me feel as if I had known her forever. I really appreciated it that.  Anyone that knows Awilda knows she has a good heart and is very loyal.

She and I went our separate ways and both have grown into wonderful women as well as great mothers.  I really respect her drive and her passions.  I knew doing this series that she was one of those women that others had to get to know as well.  Awilda is acting in a web series based out of DC.  Now I love watching actors and actresses do their thing but its not one of those things I could easily see myself doing.  For Awilda it seems like a no brainer.  I asked her about it and why she chose to go into acting.

“Acting is one of my newest ventures. It’s an escape from the day to day of “corporate America” and being the typical “family woman.”  I’m really enjoying the time I get to engage and learn new skills.”  

When acting one has to be passionate about it in my mind.  Acting is an art.  It’s not easy portraying someone else and the emotions and encompasses them.  Awilda definitely has a natural talent for it.
“My inner passion is simple; I yearn for Peace of Mind. I’m at peace when I’m surrounded by nature and no “to do” list. I love escaping to quiet areas and sunny beaches. With all the complexity of a hectic day, peace of mind is the only reward worth pursuing.”

We all know what its like to escape to your happy place.  Let me say if you don’t know what its like to tune the world out and only focus on yourself, please find the time to do so.  It really is that rewarding.  I have found that even when I can’t get to the sunny beaches that a little alone time really makes me a better person to deal with.  Peace of mind is one of the most precious things that you can’t buy.

We live in a world that is so full of hate. Its not that everyone we come into contact with is hateful but you can’t escape it.  One of the things we have to understand that we all have something that we can share with the world.  Something that we believe is making the world just a little bit better.  Whether its our talents, gifts, etc.

“I love to share my energy with people. I tend to bring a positive outlook on all situations. If I can share one experience with anyone, I always strive to make it a positive and memorable one.”

Think about what Awilda is saying.  You have a lot of negative Nancies out here.  They only want to dwell on the problem.  We need more people embracing and finding a solution and looking at things from a positive side.  Let me say that it may not always solve every problem but I do believe when you change your disposition in things it may be the only problem that needed to be solved.

We all have a message we would have wanted to tell our younger self.  For me I would have told LaToi to be more outgoing.  I was so afraid and held back because I was so caught up in the ideals of what I was supposed to be I didn’t tap into my true self until much later in life.  Think about what you would tell your younger self.  I asked Awilda on what she would tell her younger self:
“I would tell her to follow all of her dreams. To not stop pursuing goals because of what others think of them. Also, to travel the world. To go so far, that you never look back.”

What are we put on the earth to do?  This is a question you must pursue if you don’t already know.  The message in what you want others to gleam from you will change. Yes you are not and will not be the same person you were 10 years ago.  You can keep a lot of physical attributes, but on the inside you will change.  Life happens.  Life is the best teacher.  That’s why growing up when elders told us things and we didn’t appear to receive it, they would say just live a little.  Its a very true and meaningful thing to experience.

What are you demonstrating to the world daily?  What are you giving to the world as a part of what you possess?

For Awilda it couldn’t be more clearer:
“Be a doer. Do things and keep doing them. Stop trying, if you only try, you will never accomplish that goal. I have to challenge myself on a daily basis to do better. I literally talk to myself:) I have to give myself pep talks and project exactly what I want to accomplish. When I hear it, it motivates me to do it.”

What is motivating you?  What are the things you have put on hold?  Whatever it is make the change today.  Like Awilda we have life pulling us a thousand ways.  She is a mother, a woman, and still has to balance the demands of her passions, work, love life, etc.  You too may have some of the same pulls.  It varies from person to person.  What doesn’t vary is the notion that we must look within ourselves and make things happen. We can’t simple exist and wish for better days if we aren’t out there creating it.


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