Ask Toi: Is it okay for significant other to make breakfast for another man daily?

Okay readers this comes from a male.  His girlfriend I would have to assume since he used significant other is making breakfast for a guy co-worker daily.  He states that she was eating something one day and allowed him to taste the food and now they have hit it off she makes this male co-worker breakfast everyday.  He is upset with it and states that the male co-worker wants something more than just a pancake.

I’m sorry ladies but I have to agree.  I think she is doing too much.  I make myself breakfast everyday as well as my husband.  I have the cutest little containers but I’m not about to lug two containers of breakfast for a male co-worker.  Not even when I was single did I put in that much work for a man.  I think she needs to stop one because she doesn’t realize that this man is definitely enjoying it.  One I think she needs to be clear that she is crossing a line with this man that if she doesn’t have any intentions of going any further with him why give him the benefits.  I know some are saying its just breakfast but the way to a man is still and always will be through a man’s stomach.  Don’t underestimate it.  We are talking about making and packing this man a plate every day.  When I was dating the men I cooked for were actually ones I was pursuing or the ones I was dating period.  No in between.  Would she be okay with it if her man was on the receiving end of it at work, NOPE.  I don’t care how liberal you may want to act a plate means more than just friends. The fact that you have expressed how it makes you feel and shes hasn’t stopped speaks volumes.  You have to give what you want. If she wants you to respect her feelings she must do the same.  It doesn’t sound as if she wants to stop making this man breakfast and I would have to wonder why.  I would ask her what her intentions are.  As a man I think its clear what the other man’s intentions. Ladies we side line men they rarely side line us. Soooooo yeah I think there is a little more than co-worker relationship going on.  I’m not suggesting cheating but I think she is smitten by him and he by her.  I would definitely ask her to stop this behavior or count up if you want to continue dealing with her.



4 thoughts on “Ask Toi: Is it okay for significant other to make breakfast for another man daily?

  1. Ok. Didn’t even read the entire blog. But heck no. I’m not making no plate for another man. Now have I brought stuff to work to give out to ppl including men, yes. I even made a cake for our mutual make friend for watching our house. Key word, mutual friend and my husband was there with me when I dropped off the cake.

    I don’t even make my husband’s plate on a daily basis. I don’t cook on a daily basis. I’ll be damned if I bring another man a plate daily and I wish my husband would accept a plate from a woman on a daily basis idc who likes what. It’s in appropriate, unacceptable and disrespectful. Bringing that man a plate is bound to lead to something else. So this boyfriend best set his lady straight. Cuz soon enough she gonna be sneaking around with this man and he gonna be eating more then what’s on the plate she bringing him.


  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELL NO. Most men can’t get their women to microwave something let alone make a whole meal. Plus every day. Naw bro. He needs to wait for his wife to fix that plate then take it and say thank you as he walks out the door. If you are going to actually cook I will be the only man you doing it for. Also i think Toirenee makes a great point. If this was the other way around or her man was getting the food she be pissed and at that job. Not cool at all.


    • yeah well luckily some men don’t have those issues. But yeah a plate everyday def going to turn into something else and she knows it and wants what she wants there’s no way she don’t


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