I am in Control Day

Today is national I am in control day.  So many people find it offensive to talk about what you can or should do.  I think its a great thing to care about the welfare of others around but there’s something totally wrong when you put more stock in others and let yourself go to waste.

I know of so many people a lot of them being women who say that they wished they could do more with their lives.  They wish they could travel, take a course, anything but what they are currently involved in.  I say why have the long to do list if you don’t plan on getting any of them done.  If you are in control and you always were, what can you do differently?  It starts with taking that one small step forward.

Let me help some people out, I want to get healthier.  See how I didn’t say lose weight. So I took steps to make that happen.  Once a week I go to the store and I buy healthy snacks that I know I will enjoy and I have them at my desk.  What that has done was limit my walks to the cafeteria and to the vending machine.  Speaking of walking I found one girl in my department that walks for one solid hour up and down hills.  I eat breakfast and then I set a snack schedule with the snacks I bought so that I can fuel up and eat for a purpose. What I have found is that I’m eating more but less.  I eat but I don’t overindulge.  I use it as fuel.  That 1 hour brisk walk has helped me in that I feel more energized before I go home to 3 small kids.  I eat less but enough at dinner and I go to sleep and have better sleep.  I took control of my eating habits and wellness.

What are you fighting to control?  Some times the battle is more in your mind than anywhere else.  Time is always of the essence.  There are bodies of people in the graves with dreams unfulfilled.  If you want something only YOU can make it happen.  You can control a bad habit.  It comes with replacing it with healthier options.  You can eliminate toxic people out of your life.  You can cut off that man that wasn’t yours to begin with.  You are in control but it takes more than a to do list.  If you haven’t by now there’s a little time, create a vision board.  I did a vision board party with my immediate family.  Even let the kids make one too.  I look at it daily and so far I’ve been blessed to make a lot of the things on there a reality.  My entire mindset has shifted because I took control of the negative thoughts and found something better to replace it.

Here are my lists to getting it done:

Make a list and a plan-you can’t simply make a list anymore.  I got over it daily and if I fail at not completing something it goes to the top of the list the next day.  I am the sticky note queen.  If you don’t like sticky notes and lean more towards technology there are many apps to make your life on the go easier.

Get an accountability partner-for working out I use the co-worker.  We check in over the weekend and we work out together during the week.  Having someone no matter what the goal is helps.  For instance I am doing the 3030 bible challenge by Joyce Meyers. It helps me to focus on studying the Bible for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.  I love it.  You can really make up any challenge.  I have heard of the 30 day sex challenge for married couples to spice up their love life.  So as you can see if you do something for 30 days you can make it a part of a new habit.  My husband and I do challenges together like the no complaint challenge.  We did a happiness challenge with the kids to get them to go to school and make better decisions.

Set small and large goals-sometimes when you try to bite off too much at one time you can get discouraged.  Find some small goals within your large goals to keep you motivated. Talk to others about what you are doing you may motivate them as well.

Whatever it is that you want to do today you can.  Whatever area of your life you need to control today you can but you can’t just talk about it, you have to be about it.





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