Good-Bye Stress: Hobbies Anyone?

Another way to get through stress or stressful times is to occupy your time.  Yes it may be time to dust off some old skills that you have let sit dormant or pick up a few new ones. Hobbies allow you to focus your thoughts from what is working against you to what can help you.  For instance many places have things you can learn for not a lot of coins. Learn to look up events in your town, goggle, Groupon, or even read a newspaper.  You will be amazed at some of the free things or relatively cheap things you can take up.

Hobbies are a good thing to explore if you find that your time is being occupied with things you can’t change.  Remember an idle mind is the devil’s playground.  Some people use working out as a great outlet and hobby.  I used to run track so getting on track or trail with headphones on of course is like heaven.  For some though working out is another unwanted chore.  To avoid the I don’t want to work out blues, stop stressing the work out.  If you replace what your brain is telling you its going to be with an activity you really enjoy, it helps.  If you like to swim, swim but guess what swimming is a good workout.  Now you have helped your body and your mind.

One of the things that I like to do is read magazines.  It may not be a heavy workout but its a hobby.  I don’t have a lot of time but I dedicate once a week if I can to reading them. It’s a way to be able to take your mind off the issues of life.  Here are some other hobbies:

Scrap-booking, tennis, cake decorating, golf, cross stitching, sewing, crocheting, coaching, etc.

The ideals are limitless.  What isn’t limitless is your time.  So instead of saying one day I will, stop what you are doing, call, get the prices, sign up and take a new class or enroll in your favorite hobby or learn something new.  You can do one or more hobbies, but do something.  If you want to stop stressing and want to occupy your mind, nothing will occupy your mind more than getting active and having fun.  If you have an idea and for whatever reason you can’t find it, make it up on your own.  For instance I used to complain I didn’t have mommy friends but guess what, I could have put it out there and hosted several events in the city to have other like-minded moms join me.  For instance if you love going to the movies but don’t seem to have a date, get you one.  This is what social media is for-socialize.  Make a group if you’re concerned for safety etc., and ask people to join you for a particular movie. There is always someone else who would love to have someone join them to do something. So now that takes out the sting of not having anyone to go with you excuse.  It knocks that one out of the park.

Need a dance partner same principle as above can be achieved.  Learn to reach out to your wealth of friends among you and be open to meeting some new friendships along the way. It doesn’t mean the new friendships have to be your new best friend, you could simply have a new partner to join you on an excursion.  Stress can’t live where you give life a chance to be fun.  Life becomes stressful when you shut off from others and make excuses about the negativity around you.  Now let’s keep it real sometimes life can hit you so hard that you don’t have a dollar to your name and so having fun is lost in translation.  This is when you have to get creative.  Open up yourself to seeing life through different lenses. If you took 15 minutes of doing something that would give you a smile a day, I wonder what good come from that?  Give it a try and see.


One thought on “Good-Bye Stress: Hobbies Anyone?

  1. Maybe that’s why I don’t stress very much – I have way too many hobbies. The only things I really stress about is which projects I want to work on right now or when I can’t find a specific tool for a current project XD

    I recently posted 5 tips on reducing stress, and I completely overlooked this one! Taking note of your tip 🙂

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